Chester Furniture Failing After 37 Years: Sad Patrons

CHESTER — In business since 1985, Chester Furniture is closing its doors for good. Customers are wondering where they will buy home furniture in the future.

The store located opposite the Auto Zone had two owners: Mark Beard and Gary Wright.

On Sunday, a “departure announcement” was made on Facebook. Customers were asked to purchase the final inventory, “Everything must go. No reasonable offers will be refused.”

As I drove to the parking lot, furniture was flying out the door. Well, transported by muscle power to trucks and trailers.

“We’ve been dealing with this wonderful company for years. They have quality furniture and excellent customer service,” said Laurel Rothenberger of Chester. “Twenty people were in line ahead of us before they opened the door this morning.”

Ray and Laurel Rothenberger of Chester cover the sofa they bought at the Chester Furniture Store on behalf of Laurel's mother Ethel Blaha of Enon.

Customers were scattered around the showroom looking for something to grab before someone else did. There was a “Cheers” themed vibe going on… “Where everyone knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.”

I saw Kimberly Lewis, owner of Suit Up Poker, which I featured in a story years ago. She was quick to share her feelings about the family business’s closure.

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