Charlie Cuts Diner is a non-profit Deming Restaurant

The decor at Charlie Cats Diner is a throwback to the 1950s Deming restaurant.
Charlie Cats Diner is a full-service restaurant at 1601 E. Pine Street.

DEMING Charlie Cats Restaurant, located at 1601 E. Pine Street, has been warmly received in the community as the only non-profit restaurant in Deming. Under the banner of Colores United – a 501©3 registered organization – the café was well received during its grand opening on June 12.

“We had a car show, Deming’s sublime bosses, and of course, delicious menu items,” said Crystal Melo, the organization’s secretary. “The concept of this project is to provide a hands-on learning experience for young people to find meaningful employment in the food industry and continue our service to the community.”

So how does a nonprofit run a restaurant? “Grants,” Milo told Lamps. “At Colores United, we continue to provide food distribution efforts throughout the community. We provide clothes and personal hygiene items and work with asylum seekers continues.”

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