‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 4 Episode 4: Ali Wong surprises his best friend with a makeover for the home

In the latest episode of ‘Celebrity IOU’, Ali Wong feels particularly generous. “I really would not be where I am if it were not for her,” says the cartoon about her 20-year-old buddy in a sneak peek from this week’s episode of HGTV’s hit reality show.

Citadelle, comedian Ali Wong’s classmate in college, is a working parent who extends his home and heart to everyone. Ali repays a favor by remodeling Citadel’s sad basement into his home’s party center with the help of Jonathan and Drew. The comedian collaborated with Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott to help Citadelle, her closest partner of 20 years, rebuild her backyard and basement.


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Ali Wong with Drew Scott in ‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 4, Episode 4 (YouTube / ETCanada)

Wong says the renovation is in part to repay Citadelle for allowing the ‘Always Be My Maybe’ actress to crash into her and her spouse Victor’s honeymoon house in what was supposed to be two weeks when the comedian first moved to Los Angeles. The two weeks, however, grew easily to a full year.

“You’ve always just been so rewarding to me,” Wong says. Citadelle and Victor had only recently moved in together, and she had allowed Wong to stay with them for so long. Wong stated, “I’m basically a professional moocher. And if I do not give back to you soon, I will not be able to continue mooching.” Citadelle also helped Wong’s family during a difficult period. Wong told of a time when her father died and her mother was lonely in San Francisco, so she wanted to travel to Los Angeles. Citadelle not only had the fighting comedian / actress in her other room, but she also had an elderly citizen with her every weekend, and she did not mind. “She really is like a sister to me,” Wong said.

Citadelle, who Ali claims is not a cryer, burst into tears as the Scott brothers shocked her with the makeover news. “I can not believe this is my life. I can not believe this is happening,” Citadelle remarked. “I honestly feel like she does not owe me anything. I feel like her friendship has been such a gift.” Citadelle, whom Wong refers to as the “rock” of their group of friends, is also a busy parent who manages everything with her husband and children.

The daily to-do list for her is relentless and endless, and Wong believes that gestures will give her much-deserved relief and joy. Wong also said she would not be where she is now without Citadelle and that it is the least she could do for someone who has given her so much.

Wong’s distinctive mischievous side is on display in the promo for this week’s episode, as she pulls fireplaces and floors down with Jonathan and Drew. The video begins with Jonathan putting on a theatrical speaking voice and saying, “Now we’re coming, we have Ali Wong!” Wong shouts and hits a shower wall with a sledgehammer at the same time. She hardly makes a dent, which is funny.

Ali Wong in ‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 4, Episode 4 (YouTube / ETCanada)

“It’s scary, you’re like an action hero. You’re basically picking up these huge weapons and fighting them with this old wall and these old a-tiles,” she describes the practical work. “They’re literally glued and cemented to the floor. They’re supposed to stay there forever. As if that was the person’s intention, as if it was not to be drilled up by this 5-foot lady trying to do something good for his girlfriend. “

Wong’s episodes reveal that she was very emotional for her friend. Citadelle describes the apartment as “like sunshine for the first time in a long time”, which she seemed to enjoy. The married mother of two states that it was one of the best four days of her life. “I’m just so moved that you would think of me, and it’s completely exceeded anything I could have imagined. It’s amazing.

HGTV broadcasts new episodes of ‘Celebrity IOU’ on Mondays at 21.00 ET / PT.

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