Celebrating migratory birds will always have a special meaning in Costa Rica.


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It’s never too late to celebrate all the amazing things that surround us. as in Costa Rica where every day should be a feast Because there are many blessings or wonders that make up biodiversity.

beyond the existence of global important day celebrated in the month of May Especially on May 9, since 2015, there is always a reference point for bird watching in the country. especially migratory birds

According to experts, the Global Big Day celebration is intended to Raise awareness of the importance of conserving birds and their habitats. Dating is also ideal for those who love these breeds to meet with the organization responsible for their protection and join them.

Between August and November You can spot millions of birds of prey comprising 17 species on the Atlantic coast. Also in Costa Rica People can see up to 100 bird species in one day.

We don’t want to leave any details and so on if it’s your month…

What we mainly want to tell you is that world migratory bird day is to place greater emphasis on preserving beautiful works, an action that should increase day by day.

Costa Rica is one of only 5 places in the world where approximately 3 million birds of prey migrate per season. There is no doubt that the country’s climate and strategic location between North and South America are advantages for many birdwatchings year-round.

932 bird species are known to have been found in Central American countries. La Marta Refuge Has been registered and documented about 404 birds, including crested owls. little monk yellow-eared tucanet Snowflake hummingbirds, stake birds, sunbirds, and more.

Where can I observe migratory birds?


In Costa Rica, there are places where you can see many different bird species. Be sure to take videos or take pictures. The important thing is that it will be a great experience that you will want to contribute to conservation.

One of the places to watch various types of birds, most of which are migratory birds mentioned above. La Marta Wildlife Sanctuary Located in Cartago, it is now an ideal haven for bird watching and enjoying nature.

La Marta has been serving the public for 32 years, allowing people to enjoy a protected natural area for spotting different species. Experts on the subject point out that Costa Rica’s Caribbean Sea is teeming with colorful migratory birds, which are among the most important in the country and also in America.

In Tortuguero National Park, located in the Caribbean Sea. Bird counts were performed, with more than 40 experts recording the number of birds they observed in a day.

Tortuguero National Park alone has 366 registered species, such as the crested eagle, which is the second largest eagle in Costa Rica and a rare sight.

Costa Rica has more than 9% of the world’s birds.

Experts stress that more than 9% of the world’s birds live in Costa Rica. It is because of its geographic location that it is a biological bridge. In fact, many of the birds that winter in South America. Via Costa Rica instead took a dangerous journey over the open waters of the Caribbean Sea. when flying over the ocean Birds are not only vulnerable to exhaustion and falling into the water. but can also fall prey to hawks that follow the same migration route.

In wetlands in northern Costa Rica, such as Palo Verde National Park in Guanacaste, You can see migratory and resident birds between December and March. Including endangered species such as the Jabiru stork. during the rest of the month You can see the sandpiper. Hummingbirds, thrushes, warblers, canaries, and sunbirds. About 25% of the central Pacific’s openbills migrate. The rest are local birds. that is not immigrant They lived there all year round.

In fact, wildlife migration is perhaps the most significant phenomenon on the planet. In Costa Rica, the environment tends to attract these species. This is a temporary habitat not only for the birds. But also whales, sea turtles, and more.

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