Celebrate green Ganesh Chaturthi with the eco-friendly Ganpati idols of my Pooja Box

Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner. Everyone looks forward to the celebrations as it is believed that on this day Lord Ganesha came to bless the humanity of Kailash Parvat with happiness, prosperity and health. The festival is held all over India, especially in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, creating an optimistic environment that is beneficial for family members, friends and everyone involved in the poojan. After ten days of partying, we all say goodbye to the almighty Ganesha by submerging his idols or pictures in a body of water.

The Neglected Truth Behind Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

The celebration honors the presence of Lord Ganesha and the coming together of all people, but also causes massive water pollution from Ganesh Visarjan.

By the time Ganesh Visarjan is finished, there will be a lot of garbage left over. This causes water pollution as the plastic bags containing the leftover flowers, fruits and incense sticks leave a mess along the banks of bodies of water and on the beaches. Most idols are made of gypsum or calcium sulfate hemihydrate, which takes a long time to break down and pollutes the water for a long time.

Lead and mercury are the main harmful ingredients in the paint used to decorate the idols. It makes the water more acidic, which kills marine life and plants and disrupts the ecology. Most people are not aware that it pollutes the water. People should be informed about alternative ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without contributing to the water pollution caused by Ganesh Visarjan.

It is crucial to emphasize that we share responsibility for the environment and are not separate from it. We must focus not only on using it for our needs, but also on serving it, because what we give the environment is all it will ever give back.

Eco-friendly Ganesha: for the sake of the environment

Protecting the environment should be our top priority now more than ever. Ganesha idols made from POP should be replaced with eco-friendly Ganesha idols to reduce environmental pollution. Eco-friendly Ganesha is vital to us and our environment for several practical and valuable reasons.

Why should you use green Ganesha statues?

It is something that we as responsible citizens can do for our environment. Aquatic life and water bodies are negatively affected by the non-biodegradable nature of the Paris plaster. Numerous initiatives are being taken to educate the general public about the adverse effects of using non-biodegradable materials.

Religious beliefs must be observed with the utmost purity, not only for ourselves but also for the environment. Let’s see why it is essential to use eco-friendly Ganesha idols now:

It prevents water pollution

Ganesh idols are immersed in water to commemorate Ganesh Chaturthi, who conserves our water resources. Plaster of Paris idols is not biodegradable and pollutes the water by wiping out aquatic life and increasing the acidity of the water. In addition, eco-friendly idols are biodegradable and will not harm any marine life.

It preserves human health

One of the main reasons you should use eco-friendly Ganesh idols is that artificial colors such as plaster from Paris can cause health problems in common idols.

It helps prevent food poisoning, a serious concern

Stay away from seafood after this festival if you are not a vegetarian. Numerous metals that pollute the water are present in the materials used to beautify Lord Ganesh. However, since natural materials create eco-friendly Ganesh idols, you will not discover such dangerous components.

Free from horrible decorative glitter

This proverb certainly applies to ordinary Ganesh images. It can be damaged when the body comes into contact with the numerous glitters and metals used to make Ganesh idols. Due to the chemicals present, allergies and other health issues can result, while harmful glitters are not used to decorate eco-friendly Ganesh idols.

Where do you get eco-friendly Ganesha idols?

My PoojaBox, the Indian one-stop shop for holiday gifts, home decor and pooja essentials, is all set to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with a colorful, eco-friendly collection of Plant-A Ganesh idols.

Talented local artisans have crafted this beautiful eco-friendly Ganesh from clay and earth. The idols, which come with a testicle, can be placed in clay pots after the festivities. Then the seeds begin to grow. These water-soluble eco-idols dissolve completely. As a result, they do not pollute the waterways of the area and the environment in general.

The idols come with a testicle. Devotees can use the water from the dissolved Ganpati and plant the seeds in a planter when the Visarjan is ready. You will be rewarded with the luck of Lord Ganesha in the form of a plant in your house.

Why My Pooja Box?

At My Pooja Box, the eco-friendly colored and non-colored Ganesh idols are available in all sizes from 5 inches to 2 feet, from just INR 249. Along with the eco-friendly Ganesha, My Pooja Box has also put together a lovely collection of just adorable Ganesha- idols of the highest quality, made from a range of durable and plush materials. This collection includes Marble Ganesh Murti, Big Brass Ganesh Idols For Home and Glass Ganpati Murti

It is time to please our beloved Lord Ganesha with the excellent Ganesh Chaturthi decoration items like Asanas, Diyas, Phool Darbar, Malas, Patkas and many more to welcome home happiness. Choose the best Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home and celebrate this festival with love.

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