CATS bus video released after driver shot passenger


Warning: Videos at the top of the page can be difficult to view. We know everyone survived.

The Charlotte Area Transit System is sharing surveillance video from inside a bus following a shootout between a passenger and bus driver.

The shooting took place on May 18 at Outlets Boulevard near the Charlotte Premium Outlets in Steel Creek.

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According to CATS, the incident started when passengers began verbally arguing with the bus driver. The passenger then pulled out a gun. and the bus conductor drew his gun as well. And they both fired at each other, said CATS.

In court, Channel 9 learned that passenger Omari Sharif Tobias, 22, was accused of trying to board the bus without paying. which leads to confrontation

Bus surveillance footage, although difficult to view, supports the story. Four different angles of the newly released video show two other innocent passengers on board as things unfold.

>> Channel 9’s Hunter Sáenz is breaking what the video shows on Eyewitness News at 5pm.

Tobias approached the driver and asked David Fullard to get off the bus. The driver told him this was not a stop and movement for him to return. The controversy has begun.


at one point Tobias will be heard threatening Fullard.

“I dare you. Touch me,” he said. “I dare you to touch me. i will pop your [expletive]!”

The passenger stepped back and a pistol could be seen coming out. A second later, he stepped back. The driver saw the gun and pulled out the gun and fired.

Two passengers can be seen taking cover near the rear exit. Tobias, who police said had been shot in the stomach, was heading towards them. The video then shows the driver firing three more shots at Tobias, which can be seen from the bus. The driver also got out of the car. and the last shot

Fullard was shot in the arm. CATS fired him, saying in a statement it was against policy for employees to have weapons on CATS property or while on duty. His lawyer said he had a gun because he felt unsafe at work, like many drivers.

As of now, he has not been charged with any charges. Tobias was charged with assault with a lethal weapon resulting in serious injury. communicate threats and carry a concealed gun He received a $250,000 bond.

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