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Capricorn Horoscope Today, January 26, 2023: A New Career Opportunity | Astrology


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 21)

Daily Astrological Prediction says that today is a good day for Capricorn natives to achieve the goals they set for themselves. You plan to work harder to see improved results. Navigating the business world is in your future. As a result, you may get a nod of approval from your superiors and find yourself in a better position professionally. There will be an increase in costs and this may make you nervous. In everything you do, you should exercise extreme caution. There will probably be a lot of cheering at home. In addition, you will develop a close relationship with an old friend or relative. Time management is an area where some students may find success. Use this time to make effective plans for the future. There will be a positive effect on your overall efficiency as a result of this. A short trip with your girlfriend would be fun. This is a good time to remodel or make other adjustments to the house. Other people will be happy to chime in and support your ideas.

Capricorn’s finances today

You’re likely to spend money on extras like restaurants and entertainment today, which can quickly add up. Do what you can to control your impulse purchases. A chance to start a brand new business is on the way. Go steady.

The Capricorn family today

Something new may begin in your family, giving you a reason to be optimistic. You and your loved ones will have fun together, and you might even make plans to do something fun, like throw a party or attend a family event.

Capricorn’s career today

Senior managers will respect you and see you as an asset to the company. Some will be able to concentrate better on the job. People will look to you for inspiration. An employment letter or phone call for an interview with a highly regarded company can come at any time.

Capricorn health today

All in all, the day looks like a winner, packed with action and physical activity. However, you should keep your health in mind. Stick to a healthy diet plan and take care of yourself. Do your best to curb your enthusiasm.

Capricorn love life today


Today is a great day for couples to celebrate their relationship and take the next step towards a lifetime commitment by getting married. Singles should not be naive and put all their trust in a new person too quickly. Share your excitement about making new friends with a trusted confidant.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky Color: Reddish brown

By: Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist and Vastu Consultant)

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