Buyers, rejoice! Several Million-Dollar homes are on the market in Montserrat

Enter through the guarded Montserrat gate and find a myriad of home options

Who says having choices isn’t a good thing? For the past 24 months, home inventory in the Fort Worth area has been so scarce that desperate buyers were not only willing to increase their offers from the suggested list price, but had very few options to choose from.

With total inventory in Fort Worth recently exceeding one month’s supply, a more balanced and sane real estate market is taking shape. No, it’s not a “buyer’s market” yet. It would take six months of inventory. But it’s not quite as chaotic as it has been recently, and buyers are enjoying choices they haven’t had in a long time.

In today’s Tarrant County Tuesday, we will focus on the guarded and gated neighborhood of Montserrat. Always the desired destination for many high-end buyers, there are currently seven homes available for purchase in this prestigious community. Ranging from 3,200 square feet to over 10,000 square feet with prices from $1.1 million to more than $5 million, options abound in Montserrat.

And that’s a good thing.

4639 Sidonia Court: $1.1 million

Built in 2013, 4639 Sidonia Court is a wonderfully master-planned four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom two-story home. The home is 3,216 square feet and has an open kitchen and living area, while it has a formal dining area and a private office. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a secondary living area. While the home does not have a pool, there is a cozy fireplace and shaded tile patio for enjoying the outdoors.

The home at 4639 Sidonia Court is listed by Laura Fauntleroy of Williams Trew Estate for 1.1 million dollars.

4701 Marbella Circle: $1.249 million

4701 Marbella Circle is looking for the right buyer.

We featured this home earlier in 2022 in Tarrant County on Tuesday. A stunning home built by Village Homes in 2013, this home, designed with Spanish colonial inspiration, features a unique cantilevered balcony in front of the house and a stunning pool in the backyard.

The kitchen has storage to spare and don’t forget the double dishwashers too…a must have for families for sure.

The home at 4701 Marbella Circle is listed by John Zimmerman of Compass for $1.249 million.

4636 Sidonia Court $1.565 million

4636 Sidonia Court is over 4,600 square feet and has a theater room

Here’s something to think about – the more functions the homes have, as the highlighted homes get bigger. This is the case at 4636 Sidonia Court. This home is 4,639 square feet with five bedrooms and four full bathrooms.

The house is more of a traditional floor plan design and boasts a large kitchen with double islands and plenty of prep space. The home has a media room with stadium seating, an office and a three-car garage.

Justin Hammond of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Real Estate has listed 4636 Sidonia Court for $1.565 million.

4801 Estonia Court: $1.849 million

4801 Estonia Court is the most recently built home of the 7 available in Montserrat

If a sleek and modern look is what you’re hoping for in your next million dollar home, check out 4801 Estonia Court.

Built in 2020, this 4,780 square foot, four bedroom, four and a half bathroom home is the most recently built home of those currently available in Montserrat.

The lines of this home are very crisp and have a true European look. Like many homes built in the last five years, the home acts as a blank canvas with clean walls, allowing you to use your furniture and art to add color and pop to the home.

The carpetless home boasts a three-car garage and spacious outdoor kitchen for family gatherings and events.

John Zimmerman of Compass has listed 4801 Estonia Court for $1.849 million.

9408 Marbella Drive: $1.99 million

9408 Marbella Drive was built by Braswell Homes in 2015

If your budget was $2 million, then you’re in luck. For $1,999,999, you can not only stay under budget, but possibly have your dream home.

Built in 2015 by Braswell Homes, 9408 Marbella Drive is 5,184 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The home has an open plan kitchen and living area and also has an extra comfortable family area on the first floor.

The designer bathroom suite is definitely a showstopper and the pool and spa are just what you need in this sweltering weather we’re experiencing.

The always stylish and amazingly fragrant Kris Karr of Williams Trew Real Estate has listed 9408 Marbella Drive. Hold on to that $1 as the list price of this home is $1,999,999.

9517 Bella Terra Drive: $5.2 million

If you’ve always dreamed of a French chateau, it’s here at 9517 Bella Terra Drive.

If you’ve been wondering what you would do with a home over 10,000 square feet, wonder no more. The property at 9517 Bella Terra Drive is a 10,146-square-foot home with five bedrooms, five full bathrooms and two half bathrooms. But let’s focus on the goodies in this home.

How about an eight-car garage? That’s right…a car to drive every day of the week. Even though there are only seven days in a week, you can drive two different cars in one day! If golf is your thing, enjoy the golf simulator room. Maybe you like pumping some iron. Amazing, this home has a large exercise room with weights and machines. If you like to snuggle up to a good movie, you have a private cinema room where you can enjoy your favorite film.

The also fragrant (but usually not as good as Kris Karr) Joseph Berkes of Williams Trew Estate has listed 9517 Bella Terra Drive for $5.2 million.

4608 Porto Vila Court: $5.3 million

4608 Porto Vila Court in Montserrat is something of a palace

If you’ve always wondered what a Gothic arch looked like, stop looking and immediately go to 4608 Porto Vila Court. I think there could be a prize if you can correctly count all the Gothic arches displayed inside and outside this 10,495 square foot home.

This home is the ultimate hide and seek home for children of all ages. So many rooms and places to hide – 15 rooms in total! That’s right, I said 15 rooms in this palace designed for the kings and queens of Texas.

So much craftsmanship and so much detail is found throughout this six bedroom, six and a half bathroom home. The cabinetry, ironwork, molding and millwork, and the intricate tile patterns are all unique to this home. If you have 10 to 15 friends, they can all have their own recliner in the theater room.

Gabriela Mares of Monument property has listed 4608 Porto Vila Court for $5.3 million.

Ready Set Go!

What are you waiting for? Seven spectacular and varied selections of million dollar homes await you in Montserrat…get started!

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