Buy MagicLinen’s summer sale with up to 50% off

MagicLinen is, well, Magic.

It’s no surprise that linen has won over buyers. With its lightweight, breathable fabric, it weathers the heat like no other material. That’s why almost everyone is obsessed with MagicLinen – and that includes the beautiful Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex walked the runway in the Royal Toscana Linen Dress ($89) in 2020, causing the fashionable item to sell out promptly.

But MagicLinen doesn’t just offer royal-approved apparel.

The brand is successful in curating linen bedding, bath towels, kitchen and table towels, linen curtains and home accessories.

With a few linen items here and there, your home (and wardrobe) can turn into an airy oasis.

Best of all, MagicLinen is running a summer sale with up to 50% off clothing and home items until September 6th. There has never been a better time to hop on the linen train.

To purchase this item by category, simply click on each link below:

Magic Linen Women’s Fashion

1. Bardot Linen Blouse, $47, original price: $79

Magic Linen

Wear this elegant linen blouse. Wear it as an off-the-shoulder top or a wide open neckline. It’s your choice.

2. Royal Toscana Linen Dress, $71, original price: $89

magic linen dress
Magic Linen

Dress like the Duchess of Sussex in this Royal Toscana linen dress. This option comes in a beautiful peach color that is too good to pass up.

3. Sleeveless Linen Jumpsuit, $85, Original Price: $106

MagicLinen jumpsuit
Magic Linen

Jumpsuits are easy to style as you put one on and go. Even better, this MagicLinen sweater features a beautiful shade of sage green.

MagicLen Men’s Fashion

1. Short-sleeved linen shirt, $44, original price: $88

MagicLinen shirt
Magic Linen

Available in a variety of colors, this men’s short-sleeved linen shirt is simple and timeless. It will undoubtedly become a summer wardrobe staple.

2. Linen Pants, $48, original price: $95

MagicLinen pants
Magic Linen

With an elasticated waistband, these linen pants are comfortable and roomy. You can also expect two outside pockets.

MagicLinen home discoveries

1. Rust Pink Linen Placemat (set of 2), $10, original price: $20

American MagicLinen games
Magic Linen

Decorate your home with these linen placemats. They are soft to the touch and easy to clean.

2. Sage Green Linen Napkin (set of 2), $11, original price: $21

Magic Linen

Elevate your table with these sage green napkins. They dress up your desk with ease while providing functionality.

3. Linen pom pom table runner, $32, original price: $46

MagicLinen table runner
Magic Linen

Everyone loves pom poms! This linen pom pom table runner is great for indoors and outdoors as it sports the perfect colors for summer.

4. Linen Curtain Panel with Ruffle Finish, $87, Original Price: $109

MagicLen Curtains
Magic Linen

These aren’t just a pair of curtains. They are linen curtains with ruffles. They are beyond adorable and offer a modern take on the cottagecore trend.

5. Linen pillowcase with ribbon bows, $22, original price: $31

MagicLinen pillowcases
Magic Linen

These linen pillowcases are adorned with small ribbon bows and comfortable fabric, making them even cuter.

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