Business Ideas Profiting from the Real Estate Market Boom

According to experts, home prices continue to rise. It means that the real estate market is still healthy enough to be profitable. However, investing in real estate can be risky and expensive. Fortunately, there are several businesses that you can get into with a smaller investment. Here are some of them.

Manage properties

One service you can start offering is being a property manager. While homeownership is a popular move for real estate investors, it can also be a lot of work. They will have to listen to tenant complaints and maintain the properties. It’s even worse with multiple properties. This is the situation you get into. As a property manager, you can charge a reasonable fee for all additional landlord duties and tasks. It is an attractive offer since it eliminates a lot of work for the owners. For you, it is like acting as the owner without owning any property and with less income. This approach is great because it only requires some training and minimal investment.

Stage houses for sale or rent

Becoming a house stager is another potential business. Presenting houses as they are is not a smart move for sellers. Instead, they hire home staging staff to make their home look better. As a business, you just need staging skills, contacts with local resources, and payment of fees like staging licenses and insurance. The biggest challenge is making sure you have the skills for it. You’ll have to hone your eye to make the houses look their best.

Take pictures of real estate.

Another service similar to house staging is that of a home photographer. You see a lot of photos of houses on real estate websites. Professional photography can make the difference between capturing a buyer’s interest or ignorance. It can be surprising how some good camera angles and lighting can make a house look more impressive than it is. Your main investment in this business is good cameras, lighting equipment, and even a drone if you want to offer aerial shots. Considering the daily listings, you can be sure of a constant stream of customers.

Inspect and evaluate

You can also benefit from the buying process itself. Buyers and sellers want accurate prices and suitable properties. Inspectors and appraisers perform similar jobs and will always be in demand. Inspectors review a property and look for any obvious problems that need resolution. Appraisers focus more on the monetary value of the property. For buyers, they help with product negotiations. Sellers still need an appraiser to check if they are getting a good deal. You will need some training and credentials, but it can be very profitable in the long run.

The real estate market may seem fragile now, considering everything that is happening around the world. However, if you operate an adjacent business, you won’t be at as much risk. The ideas above should be profitable enough to survive any significant changes in the market, as long as you do it right.


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