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Mini’s brand new house at Moorkanad in Thrissur, Kerala is a beautiful abode that lets in natural light and air in abundance. Construction had begun during the shutdown period. Renowned architect Shantilal of Costford, who has designed hundreds of eco-friendly homes across Kerala, has also designed this stunning house.

The structure has been constructed leaving enough space for the front and back gardens. The plot, meanwhile, boasts natural greenery that adds incredible charm against the structure’s earthy tone. The elevation offers a fascinating mix of traditional and modern styles. There are balconies to the front and rear with traditional railings. Interestingly, these are made in metal finish.

This magnificent residence is designed in 1620 square meters and has a sitting area, living and dining room, kitchen with work area and two bedrooms on the ground floor. Meanwhile, there is a bedroom and a utility room on the upper floor.

The walls are made of high quality laterite stone purchased from Kannur. The use of concrete is minimized. The walls are plastered with a unique mixture of sand and lime. Meanwhile, the roof is constructed in the filler plate technology, which helps to reduce the heat inside the house. The interior exudes the rustic charm of the exposed laterite stones. The inner walls are plastered with a mixture of mud, jaggery and ink nut. So the costs of cement plastering and painting could be avoided.

The interior is designed in an open theme so that natural sunshine and cool breezes can reach every corner of the house. The front door opens to the formal living room. Meanwhile, the pooja room has been decorated by building designer niches on the laterite wall.

The double ceiling and the pergola skylight bring lots of natural sunshine into the house. Furthermore, this serves as a space that connects both floors.

The metal staircase in the dining area is compact and stylish. There is also a small seating area in the first landing on the stairs.

The bedrooms are simple but elegant. The en-suite bedrooms have built-in wardrobes for storage.

Although the original budget was estimated at Rs 20 lakh, it was slightly exceeded as the cost of the construction materials increased after the shutdown. The construction of this stunning residence, including the structure and furnishings, was completed on a budget of Rs 25 lakh.

The family says there is no need to turn on fans or lights during the day, as cool breezes and natural sunshine enter the house in abundance.

Project facts

Location – Moorkanad, Thrissur

Plot – 11 cents

Area – 1620 SFT

Owner – Mini

Designer – Santilal

Costford, Thriprayar, Thrissur

Mob – 9747538500

Budget – Rs 25 lakhs

Year of construction – 2022

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