Brunch With Babs’ Car Cleaning DIY Breaks The Internet

Barbara Costello courted the world when she became an internet sensation during the pandemic, and now Babs – as she is known online – is getting people chatting again.

The 73-year-old Connecticut grandmother shared a video on September 27 about the importance of cleaning your car.

“Did your mom ever tell you that the average person spends 8.5 hours a week in the car!? That’s 18 days a year!” Costello wrote a video of her with quick and easy tips for cleaning the car, including getting things out of the car every night and using vinegar to combat odors.

But it was Costello’s tip for using “Babs’ Magical Car Gummy Cleaner” that got people chatting.

“Use this to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your car or on your electronics. Pick up bits of trouble you didn’t even know existed,” Costello wrote.

The video shows Costello mixing the gummy substance, consisting of glue, baking soda and saline, in the cup holder of her car.

“Ingredients: 1 cup white glue (like Elmer’s); 2 teaspoons baking soda; 2 tablespoons contact lens solution,” Costello wrote in the caption.

She continued: “Instructions: Pour all the ingredients into the cup holder in the car. Mix until completely mixed. Let the mixture sit in the cup holder for 5-10 minutes. Then knead the Gummy Cleaner a little and clean it!”

The post quickly gained more than 56,000 likes and nearly 900 comments.

Followers were quick to try out the gummy recipe and tag others who could use some car cleaning tips of their own.

“The recipe came from my time as a kindergarten teacher,” Costello told TODAY Parents. “We used to make stupid slime, but we realized that slime had more than one function to entertain kids. It’s a really good cleaner for places you can never reach.”

Some commentators wanted to know if the gummy substance could really be mixed in the cup holder. Costello says yes.

“You have to stir it a little bit, and it’s going to solidify and thicken,” Costello explained of the mixture. “It doesn’t stick to anything. It doesn’t leave any residue. It just sticks to all the dirt, grime and dust. It just sucks up the dirt.”

Other commenters were curious as to whether the mixture could be reused. Costello told TODAY that the mixture makes “a lot” and can be broken up for multiple uses.

A smart tip to know in advance is that the “gummy cleaner” expands if left in the car. But don’t worry: “It rolls right back up,” Costello said.

Costello launched “Brunch With Babs” along with her daughter, Liz Ariola, in 2020 and started making videos on TikTok. She quickly amassed a fan base and now has over 3 million followers on social platforms. In 2022, she debuted a cookbook, “Celebrate With Babs,” which made it to USA TODAY’s best-selling book list within its first week.

“Everything was a total surprise to me,” Costello told TODAY Parents. “Sometimes you just can’t plan things. We have fun, we share things, and we feel like our followers are family.”

Ariola added, “It was so much fun being behind the camera (and) it was a really great trip with my mom.”

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