Brooks Dare Crossback Bra Review 2022

Before and after.
Photo: Maggie Slepian

Last summer, I hiked the 485-mile Colorado Trail wearing the same shorts, shirt, and bra for all 23 days. Weight saving is paramount for walkers, meaning double gear should be avoided, including hiking gear. All my gear worked great, but I was especially impressed with the Brooks Dare Crossback Bra.

I wear a 36C, which means I need a supportive bra for running and other high-impact activities. But like many people who wear sports bras, I’d rather forget I’m wearing one – quite a task if your anatomy requires at least some compression. However, I’m sensitive to pressure around my rib cage (read: lots of high-impact sports bras), and I end up overanalyzing my breathing due to the tightness around my chest — not ideal if I’m walking 20 miles a day. I can’t stand narrow straps, and I’ve found that many bras made with separate elastics, fabrics, and cups lose their elasticity at different rates, resulting in saggy cups with tight straps. In short, it’s hard for me to find a comfortable sports bra that doesn’t require me to take it off and gasp at the end of the day.

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