B&Q’s £6 planter aims to keep your home cool in a heatwave

Turning on the fan or air conditioner can be expensive and noisy during a heat wave, but a plant can ensure your home stays cool no matter the temperature.

Experts say there’s a cheaper, greener way to keep your home cool during the summer months. According to the NASA Earth Science Study, trees and plants go through a process called transpiration.

This means that the plants ‘sweat’ and in turn are able to cool themselves and the air around them. During the process, the roots take up water and nutrients from the soil and divert them to steam and leaves as part of photosynthesis, some of the water drawn through the root leaves the plant through pores or stomata on its leaves. sheets, the reason for the sweat

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As sweat evaporates, heat is removed from the air, providing a cooling effect. So if you don’t have a fan, or don’t want to spend money leaving the air conditioning on, then this £6 B&Q plant can help.

B&Q is selling the Aloe Vera plant for just £6 here.

the aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plants remove formaldehyde from the air and are also effective in cooling the air temperature. They’re also helpful if you have nasty sunburn.

The aloe vera plant acts as an air purifier by removing harmful pollutants known as VOCs from the air, absorbing carbon dioxide, and returning abundant oxygen to the air around you. Since it is a succulent, it is ideal for warm, sunny spots in the home and requires minimal watering.

Other plants that can help keep your house cool are:

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

This leafy tree helps keep indoor air moist and cool, and should be placed in medium light so it can soak up the sun. B&Q is selling one for £23.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

With its high water content, it breathes and releases fresh, evaporated moisture into the air. The snake plant also emits oxygen, keeping you cool on hot summer nights. B&Q has one for £12.

How to get plants even cheaper

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