Biz Buzz: Wife Rigby Says Home Decor Business Is A Dream Come True

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Woman opens home decor business in Rigby

Woman buying items at Rustic Roots | Rett Nelson,

RIGBY – For many years, Amber Rocha has been a frequent visitor to boutiques and home decor stores.

The 38-year-old Californian spent many weekends looking for items to put in her home. As of March 9, she has her own store in Rigby called Rustic Roots. It is in the space between The Rocky Bean and Country Cowlicks at 255 Farnsworth Way. A grand opening and ribbon cutting took place this past weekend, and Rocha told that she is impressed with the community’s response.

“It’s been really good, honestly,” says Rocha. “Today felt a lot slower because it’s Wednesday during the day, but we’re pretty decent on Fridays and Saturdays.”

The store offers a variety of items, from home decor, jewelry and clothing to doormats, furniture and other accessories. Most products are custom-made by local suppliers.

Katy Bennett is one of 10 salespeople in the store. She started making custom doormats and selling them online about a year ago. Bennett is grateful for what the company has done for its brand and for having a place to display its items.

“I got the chance to walk into Amber’s store, and I feel like she blew up. My small business has grown a lot. I don’t shop as much online now just because I shop a lot at her store,” says Bennett.

Bennett’s doormats, along with his clothes, are some of the most popular items, according to Rocha.

rugs and clothes
Doormat and Clothing Available at Rustic Roots | Photo at left courtesy of Katy Bennett

Owning a boutique and home decor store fulfills a lifelong dream for Rocha. Seeking a “calmer, better way of life” closer to family, she got a job at the Idaho National Laboratory in 2019. She and her husband have two children.

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A personal connection with Angela Sayer, owner of The Rocky Bean, led Rocha to open her store next door.

“The opportunity presented itself,” says Rocha. “One thing led to another, and before I knew it, doors were opening. I love (the visibility of the place). I’ve had people stop and say, ‘We were on our way back or going somewhere, and we saw you on the road.’

Many of their frequent buyers are from Montana and Wyoming.

Rocha is thrilled to see her dream project resonating with customers and would like to see it continue to grow so that she can open another store in the area.

“This is something Rigby needed,” says Rocha. “Always having to go to Rexburg or Idaho Falls to buy a shirt or a pair of earrings or a gift for someone (it was frustrating). It’s nice to be in Rigby, where there’s nothing like it.”

Rustic Roots is open Wednesday through Saturday with varying hours. It opens at 9 am on Wednesdays and at 10 am on other days.

rigby mats
Courtesy of Katy Bennett

rustic roots inside
Right Nelson |


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The store is owned and operated by Theo and Melissa Warner of Little Creek Coffee LLC and will be the couple’s first location.


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