Biden, Democrats bet on long-term goals for short-term boost

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden’s legislative victories have aimed to position the United States to “win the economic race in the 21st century,” but his investments to boost the nation’s technology, infrastructure and climate resilience over the next decade are set against the 90-odd day clock until the mid-solstice.

From turbocharging the U.S. computer chip sector to moving the nation to a greener economy, Biden’s achievements will take years to materialize — reflecting the scope of his ambitions, which overall placed Biden among the most legislatively prolific presidents in recent memory.

Still, Democrats are also betting that the quick clip of recent results will persuade an electorate disheartened by the economy and the general direction of the country to vote in their party’s favor. Especially critical, they say, is being able to illustrate to voters what Democrats can accomplish when they hold power in Washington, even if energy bills don’t drop immediately or it takes years to complete a new bridge.

“I think this bill will have an immediate political impact, but not because people will feel the effects for the next six weeks,” Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, said of the major health, climate and economic package, that is on the way. through Congress. “That’s because they know we’re legislators who didn’t make very many laws over the last six months.”

Schatz added, “It’s a mood, and the mood wins.”

The White House views the legislative victories as cohesive pieces that fulfill the agenda Biden laid out when he ran for president in 2020 on a promise to help the country outmatch a rising China. The policy proposals were focused on addressing generational threats and creating long-term opportunities — especially after what Biden saw as troubling setbacks in the Trump years.

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