Better Homes and Gardens moves into the south main building with the estates

Posted date: November 23, 2022 09:43 AM

In moving a portion of his expanding real estate company to Newtown, Gaetano Marra, owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gaetano Marra Homes, chose no location alone. He chose 45 South Main Street, a location with more than 40 years of real estate history.

Marra, along with partners Bryan Atherton and Ed Vayan, chose the site because it was the former home of Curtiss and Crandon Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, also a real estate firm, and most recently DaSilva Real Estate. The 3,291-square-foot building with two floors plus a finished basement was built in 1920, according to It is expected to open to the public on December 1.

While Gaetano Marra Homes, a franchise of Better Homes and Gardens, is still headquartered at 588 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe, the South Main Street location gives businesses a presence in Newtown that goes beyond selling homes and commercial locations in Newtown, as well as being the hub The main site for commercial real estate owners. They completely renovated the site, including installing a 25-foot flagpole with a four-foot-by-six-foot flag, painting the outside and inside, new awnings, a new roof, new gutters, landscaping remodeling, new exterior lights, as well as a sign. New soon.

“It hasn’t looked this good in 50 years,” Atherton said. “Before it was so old, nothing had been done to it in 15 years. We did a complete modernization.”

“We are ready to roll out. We are very excited to carry on this tradition and continue to strengthen our presence in this great city,” said Mara.

Atherton said he has 25 years of real estate experience, and Mara owns “a little less” than that. Marra will be primarily based at the Monroe site as a Monroe resident handling the recruitment of residential landlords, and Atherton will be an “instrumental component” to the Newtown site as a Newtown resident.

The site will provide in-house mortgages, real estate attorneys, and real estate brokers for both residential and commercial properties. Someone at home can determine through pay stubs whether a prospective buyer qualifies to take out a mortgage on the property they wish to purchase.

“It is important to provide a complete real estate service,” Atherton said.

Atherton said many other landlords treat Newtown as a satellite, but he sees it as “the sun of the universe”.

“It has great restaurants, great schools, great companies, and a great community,” Atherton said.

She once said the site would be a “community-based real estate brokerage.” Mara said it made more sense for the company to have its own site and be its “owner”.

In addition, the Better Homes and Gardens brand, of which Gaetano Marra Homes is a subsidiary, turns 100 years old this year.

Gaetano Marra Homes is a full-service residential real estate brokerage, dealing with every city in Connecticut.

Gaetano Marra (left) and Bryan Atherton, partners of Better Homes and Gardens Gaetano Marra Homes, at their new location at 45 Main Street South, Newtown. —Bee Photo, Taylor

Gaetano Marra Homes has renovated 45 South Main Street as one of its new locations. The building has a long history as a real estate site. —Bee Photo, Taylor

Ed Vayan, partner at Gaetano Marra Homes, and his wife, Amy Vayan.

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