Best wedding table decorations – rustic, DIY, farmhouse and more

Many of the best things about weddings come down to small details. From wedding invitations and wedding favors, to the final touches added by the future couple at the last minute. Part of this is the wedding table decorations.

If you’re a minimalist who opts for a sleek and simple wedding day, or you go all out, these are the types of features that allow you to put a personal touch on the proceedings. Whether you’re just getting started on your wedding mood board or you’re close to The Big Day™, here’s our pick of the best wedding table decorations to inspire your own choices.


Wedding table decorations – use tealights galore

For a simple but effective option, use floating tealights in glasses, in jars, strewn all over the table and hung from a metal bar if you can. Such a great way to set mood lighting, too.


Set Of 24 Branch Candlesticks


Wedding table decorations – Use glass bottles and flowers

Combine wildflowers with vintage glass bottles to create a rustic wedding table vibe.


Wedding Table Decorations – Use Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a wedding staple, and this decorating idea combines the table plan with glass bottles for the table.


Wedding Table Decorations – Use Terrariums and Succulents

If you don’t like fresh flowers on the table, opt for glass terrariums filled with candles and succulents – this minimizes waste as they are reusable and beautiful too.


Carrollton Glass/Metal Terrarium


Wedding Table Decorations – Create Lantern Centerpieces

Or for a more country vibe, opt for lanterns filled with flowers and candles – they look amazing and can serve as wedding favors or in your garden for years to come.


Set of 2 Moroccan bronze lanterns


Wedding table decorations – Repurpose your favorite liquor bottles

You want to go really rustic and have an excuse for a knee in the air? Make your wedding table decorations out of beautiful liquor bottles with a candle or popped flowers in the top.


Wedding Table Decorations – Make a splash with a velvet table runner

Introduce bold color to your big day with a table runner, which can play into a theme or look different on each table.


Wedding table decorations – Vary your candle heights

Create a focal point on your table with different candle heights. Be practical, though – you still want your guests to see each other through the gaps.


Set of 3 metal candlesticks


Wedding Table Decorations – Create a Decoration Wreath

Accent a round table with a wreath design, whether it’s made with candles, foliage, flowers, or other decorations you have in mind.


Wedding Table Decorations – Choose Bright Complementary Colors

Many traditional wedding table decorations use whites and browns – mix things up with a bright color palette to inject a dose of tabletop fun.

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