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Which Valentine table decoration is best?

Romance is all about atmosphere. If everything isn’t quite right, all your efforts to create the perfect Valentine’s Day may be in vain. Since a romantic meal is the focal point for many couples, it is crucial to have the best Valentine’s table decoration to create the right atmosphere.

If you’re looking for understatedly stylish table decorations that are more classy than cheesy, Amoystone gilt coasters are a top choice.

What you need to know before you buy Valentine’s table decorations

Various Valentines table decorations

Any appropriately colored festive item can serve as a Valentine table decoration. It doesn’t have to be a center point. It can be a table runner, a placemat set, a vase filled with roses, a colored pine branch or even a bowl of candy hearts. Some people decorate their homes with white, red and pink candles, while others place festive elves on their dining tables. Balloons or signs proclaiming “Be Mine,” “Kiss Me,” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” are also options.


In addition to placemats, you can use decorative baskets to hold holiday-themed rolls and dishes to serve that special meal. A favorite among starry-eyed couples are unique wine glasses. These objects can be shaped like a rose, have hand-painted hearts on them, or simply proclaim “I love you.”


You can place any decoration that fits a table top on another flat, level surface. A kitchen table, a bookshelf, a bedside table or a mantelpiece are all places that can benefit from a Valentine’s table decoration.

What to look for in quality Valentine’s table decorations

Appealing design

Your holiday decorations should bring you joy. If you’re not a fan of flowers, look for another Valentine’s Day theme, like hearts or cute sayings. On another level, if you can find Valentine’s Day table decorations that echo the decor of the room, like buying heart-shaped burlap placemats for a farmhouse kitchen, that’s a plus.

Suitable size

A decoration that is too small for a table will not have the effect you are hoping for. Conversely, one that is too large can diminish the functionality of your table. Buy decorations that are large enough to be a focal point, but not so large that they diminish your ability to use the table.

Number of decorations

Do you want a centerpiece or several? If you need more than one, it’s best to buy them as a set to ensure they all match. However, you don’t want them to be identical unless you’re hosting a party where all the tables are identical.

Quality material

Valentine’s Day decorations can be something you throw away or something you recycle year after year. If you want decorations that last, consider the quality of the materials used. For example, a plastic tablecloth will have a shorter lifespan than a polyester or cotton table runner.

Easy care

Valentine’s Day is filled with food and drinks that are red. Unfortunately, red spots can be difficult – but not impossible – to remove. Look for Christmas decorations that you can wipe down or wash if they get dirty.

How much can you expect to spend on Valentine’s table decorations

Valentine’s table decorations can cost as little as a few dollars for a paper centerpiece to as much as $80 or more for a cotton table runner.

Frequently asked questions about Valentine table decorations

When should I put up Valentine’s Day decorations?

ONE. Ultimately, the answer to this question is a matter of preference. But if you’re going to go to the trouble of decorating for the holidays, give yourself time to enjoy your handiwork. February 1 is a good target.

What do Valentine’s Day colors symbolize?

ONE. The three colors associated with Valentine’s Day are red, white and pink. Although you can find many long and involved historical explanations as to why these colors represent the holiday, the simplest answer is the best. White symbolizes purity or innocence, red symbolizes love and pink symbolizes a mixture of red and white to represent innocent love.

Is it “Valentine’s” or “Valentines”?

ONE. Valentine’s Day is a day that belongs to St. Valentine. When writing about the holiday, always use an apostrophe. If you’re writing about the many cards and gifts you’ve received, it’s spelled “valentines”—no apostrophe and no capital “V” unless it’s the first word in a sentence.

What are the best Valentine’s Day table decorations to buy?

Top Valentine’s table decoration

Amoystone gold plated glass pieces

What you need to know: This beautiful coaster is an understated addition to a Valentine’s Day table to hold drinks or candlesticks.

What you will love: It is made of heart-shaped rose quartz with gold-plated edges. It is more stylish than many Valentine’s Day table decorations. It looks good enough to be used all year round.

What you should consider: It is on the expensive side.


Where can it be bought: Sold by Amazon

Top Valentine’s table decorations for the money

Best Cheerin Love Sign Decoration

Cheerin Love Sign Decoration

What you need to know: This sign celebrates what Valentine’s Day is really all about.

What you will love: It measures approximately 4 by 12 inches. The letters light up, powered by 2 AAA batteries. It’s romantic, but still relatively subtle.

What you should consider: You must purchase the batteries separately.

Where can it be bought: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

WATINC Valentine's table decorations

Watinc Valentine’s table decorations

What you need to know: The three wooden Valentine decorations in this set can be placed on a table, a shelf or a fireplace.

What you will love: These centerpieces can be assembled and disassembled for easy storage. Each colorful decoration has a unique design and a holiday message. You can use them as party decorations or holiday decorations.

What you should consider: Although these decorations are made of wood, they can easily break if handled incorrectly.

Where can it be bought: Sold by Amazon

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