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Best Shopable Instagram Accounts for Home Decor


As much as I love a weekend trip to the flea market, the convenience of shopping for home decor from my couch is unmatched. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across several vintage vendors from all over the country who make it easy to buy one-of-a-kind home items. So, for my vintage-loving friends out there, I want to share a handful of my favorite IG accounts for sourcing unique home decor pieces. If you’re like me and can’t stop redesigning your apartment, you’ll want to keep reading and maybe keep your wallet!

A quick note: Some of the accounts linked below are former merchants who use Instagram as their main retail platform. Others have traditional websites but have done an excellent job marketing their products via Instagram posts or Instagram’s “Shop” page, that’s how I found them. Keep in mind that if a seller is only posting products via IG, you’ll want to watch out for certain “drops” when new products are introduced. Each account has its own set of options for how to claim an item, preferred payment methods, etc. It has its own rules for things. Make sure you understand how each account works so you don’t miss out on this amazing discovery!

Now that we’ve covered the logistical details, read on for my five favorite home decor stores I discovered via Instagram!

This shop speaks my language! If you love bust sculptures of all shapes and sizes, nude sketches and abstract paintings, follow this account now. (I’ll wait.) One of my favorite purchases from this shop is a miniature bust I sculpted in my walk-in bookcase. It’s supposed to be displayed sideways and looks very stylish on a stack of books. I always get so many compliments for this small but effective piece!

I absolutely love this store because of the wide variety of artwork and decorative objects. Some of the artworks are handmade by the shopkeeper and appeal to a contemporary, neutral aesthetic. My latest purchase from this account is a charming weathered vase that I use to hold autumn branches on my fireplace. Ships like this can be hard to find so I appreciated someone else doing the errands here!


I discovered this small business via their Instagram Store page and I am so glad I discovered it. If you love all things vintage—whether your style is millennial, French-inspired, or somewhere in between—this store is a goldmine. You’ll find framed “dear eye” artwork, candles in the shape of Staffordshire dogs, marble bookends and more. Bought one of my favorite framed black and white engraved prints from this shop.

Here’s another shop full of bust sculpture themed items of all kinds. (A small white bust sculpture is one of my favorite purchases from this seller.) If you love carvings, candles made from old silver plates (which I also bought here), and anything marble, you’ll definitely want to give it away. This shop is a follow up.

I have finds from this shop all over my house. A black and white framed leather artwork on display in my bookshelf is one of my latest purchases! Busts, mirrors, old books, magnifying glasses and other curiosities are the name of the game here. Offers work in a similar fashion to Athantique.

Inventory for all these shops changes quite frequently and often adds up quickly. Therefore, if you like something, it is best to buy it immediately. Happy savings!

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