Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Review and Discount

Why this Shark cordless vacuum cleaner is a worthy Black Friday buy. (Shark)

Not to be dramatic, but Shark’s cordless vacuum cleaner has changed my life. Vacuuming isn’t something I enjoy (I doubt many people do it) but it’s a necessity, especially when you have a small child and a couple of particularly furry cats frolicking, like I do.

I’ve been lifting a bulky Dyson up and down stairs for years, but last Amazon Prime Day I decided that was enough and it was time to treat myself to a cordless vacuum cleaner. A cleaner assured me that a Shark design was just as efficient as a Dyson, but more affordable, so when one was included in Prime Day sales I promptly added the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum to my cart.

Luckily my questionable DIY skills weren’t tested as assembly was a breeze. The main body of the vacuum simply snaps together with the trio of attachments it comes with.

Reloading it was just as easy. The battery detaches from the top of the vacuum and charges fully within a couple of hours of plugging it into the wall, or you can charge it while still attached to the main body, as shown below.


It can also help clean baseboards and sofas. (Shark)


Comes with plenty of accessories for those hard to reach places. (Shark)

£189 £379.99 to the Shark

Works like a dream: incredibly light (the top half is the heaviest section as it holds the battery) and easy to maneuver. The main stick attachment is very flat and can slide under cabinets, bookcases, sofas and hard to reach places.

The LED headlights are an ingenious addition, allowing you to see clearly and clean up any dirt in dark corners.

I use the small brush to clean the couch and another one for the stairs and along the baseboards, making cleaning up breakfast remnants and cat hair a breeze. The choice of accessories means that there are plenty of easy-to-use options for sprucing up your car too.

There are two speed settings: one for floors and one for carpets. I have a mix of tile and hardwood floors along with various textured carpets and dirt lifts off each surface easily.


LED headlights make it easy to see where you missed a spot. (Shark)

£189 £379.99 to the Shark

It features a funky sounding anti-allergen full seal, designed to capture up to 99% of dust and allergens. I have no way of telling if it lives up to the percentage, but I will say that the floors/upholstery I vacuum with definitely look hair and grime free once I’m done.

Thanks to its clever anti-shed wrap feature, no hair (pet or human) gets caught in the bristles and wreaks havoc.

Emptying the bin is simple: it pops off incredibly easily and you tip it over. Job done.

So what’s the downside? Of course there are a couple of scams: nothing is perfect. In the case of the Shark Cordless Vacuum, it’s battery life. If you’re deep cleaning your house, you’ll probably need to do a couple of rooms at a time as the battery lasts about 20-30 minutes in my experience (not quite the advertised 40 minutes) before shutting down without warning. But once you know to expect it, you can plan ahead and do a quick clean or two-step vacuum.

If you’re interested in upgrading your vacuum during the Black Friday sale, the Shark Cordless Vacuum has just been reduced by a whopping £189, so it’s now under £200. However, the deal will only last while supplies last, so look it up. we would add to your cart rather quickly.

We’ve just done a quick price comparison and the same vacuum is still £250 at Argos and £319.99 at Amazon, so you’re definitely getting a great deal that can’t be beat.

£189 £379.99 to the Shark

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