Best Pet Insurance in Texas in 2023


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If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price in Texas, Figo, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and Pets Best are all great options. Pets Best pays veterinarians directly. So you don’t have to wait for reimbursement. But there will be a longer waiting period for coverage for cured pre-existing conditions.

If you have a pet with chronic disease, AKC Pet Insurance might be your best bet. But please note that the company does not cover dental disease. And if you’re rescuing your pet from a Companion Protect partner shelter, company insurance is a great option with a short wait and a quick claim. Most claims are processed quickly with Prudent Pet Insurance as well. If you have a furry or scaly friend or other exotic species, Nationwide will serve you the best. But you will need to call for pricing information.


  • Most pet insurance companies will reimburse you after you pay your veterinarian. And there’s no dedicated veterinary network you have to use. So you can use a licensed veterinarian in Texas. However, if you want your pet insurance company to pay your veterinarian directly, you can. You will need to find a veterinarian who is willing to sign an authorization form to pay directly from your insurance company.

  • As long as your vet deems surgery to be medically necessary to treat the covered condition or accident. Your pet insurance company will usually reimburse you for your share of the cost. Elective surgery or surgery to treat a pre-existing condition is not covered. Every pet insurance policy is different. Therefore, you should check with your plan provider to make sure surgery is covered.

  • Most pet owners opt for a $250 deductible, according to Nationwide. If you choose a higher deduction You may get cheaper pet insurance premiums. But you’ll pay more each year for insurance claims. by choosing a deduction that you can comfortably afford

  • Although most pet insurance companies cover cats and dogs only But pet insurance is available for certain types of birds and other exotic animals through Nationwide and Pet Assure.

  • Every pet insurance policy is different. But there are some general exceptions. Most pet insurance companies do not cover the selection process. experimental treatment preventable disease An incurable pre-existing condition (sometimes including bilateral conditions occurring on the other side prior to the commencement of coverage) and those that are not considered accidents or illnesses. However, there are exceptions. For example, AKC Pet Insurance offers coverage for pre-existing conditions and breed add-ons.


To find the best pet insurance company in Texas We evaluated 18 pet health insurance companies based on the following criteria:

  • Coverage (17%): We consider that the policy covers coverage for exams, medications, behavior problems, Prescription foods and supplements Alternative treatment and rehabilitation genetic condition and dental accidents and illnesses?
  • Price to Value (15%): We evaluated the highest and lowest premiums offered in Texas against their respective coverages to develop a reference score for each company.
  • Claims Processing (12%): We compare claim response times and see if direct veterinary pay is offered. We also assess whether medical record reviews and pre-approvals are offered.
  • Deductions, reimbursements and credit lines (9%): We consider available options for deductible. repayment percentage and maximum benefits both yearly and lifetime
  • Waiting time (8%): We estimate waiting times for accidents and illnesses. including extended waiting periods for specific conditions
  • Discount chance (7%): We consider companies Offer additional savings opportunities, such as a lower deductible? Multiple Pet Discounts or military discount
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions (6%): We compare companies Based on coverage of existing and cured and chronic conditions. We also considered whether the policy had a bilateral clause.
  • Age limit (5%): We consider minimum and maximum age limits for pet registration.
  • Bidding process (4%): We look at how easy it is to get quotes from each company. along with sample policies available online.
  • Customer Service (4%): We look at options for connecting to the customer service team. and see if there is a self-service option through the mobile app.
  • Vet line 24/7 (3%): We assessed whether each company provided 24/7 support from veterinary professionals.
  • Negative claim impact (3%): Companies claiming policyholders with higher rates or reduced coverage for claims are subject to scrutiny.
  • Company metrics (3%): We consider the duration of each company’s business.
  • Fees (3%): Some companies charge registration or maintenance fees. which we consider in addition to the reference score.
  • Coverage for rare birds/animals (1%): Although there are only a few companies that offer coverage for rare pets. But we consider this feature when evaluating pet insurance providers.

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