Bentley Residences to Open in 2026

Arriving in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida in 2026, Bentley Residences is poised to bring the design sensibility and timeless appeal of the legendary auto company to the shores of Miami. Developed in collaboration with Dezer Development and Sieger Suarez Architects, the property will include 216 exclusive luxury residences inspired by Bentley’s creative process. Joining Miami’s existing Porsche Design Tower, Dezer Development’s latest project transforms the craftsmanship that went into creating the perfect vehicle into a physical, immersive space where every choice is made for the sake of comfort.

A newly opened sales gallery in Sunny Isles Beach is introducing potential residents to the tower’s possibilities and offerings as construction continues. Visitors can browse images and learn in real-time about the design and construction process, while getting to know the area and enjoying the ocean view. When you enter the sales gallery, you will be greeted with an immersive 360-degree video experience documenting the exterior of the building and one of its interior residences. You can then tour a life-size model of the residence, get the layout and get to know the space exactly as it should be.

A stunning Bentley statue along the Retail Center driveway nods to the inspiration behind the tower, cementing its place in the waterfront cityscape. As Dezer Head of Development and Bentley Residences Developer Gil Dezer said, “Buyers who walk through the sales gallery every day enjoy the experience of seeing what the building will feel like in the end. It’s an unprecedented sense of new lifestyle, and it’s also driving the Bentley Motors brand from innovative technology, reflects from the magnificent ocean views and amenities.”

Focusing on the point of convergence between wellness, elegance and Miami’s signature everyday coolness, the residences follow the core design concepts that define Bentley’s luxury driving approach. As Brett Boydell, Head of Design Collaborations at Bentley puts it, the process was a “70-story” challenge, but the result was a seamless aesthetic that runs through all 216 residences and the shared spaces in between. The balance between interior and exterior comes naturally when it comes to automobile design, and Residences embrace a similar lifestyle concept. “I love the concept of people being closer to nature,” says Chris Cooke, chief designer of the Bentley team, when thinking about the building’s large but protected balconies. To him, designing the building was to “integrate the stories” every step of the way, bringing together two very different comfort scales to expand the spaces of possibility.

Each area is also equipped with a balcony pool, allowing residents to get out and enjoy the solitude while lounging in the water or lounging on a sun lounger.

“The goal is to give people an insight into the brand, where we come from, our racing heritage, while also understanding the levels of luxury and quality,” Chris continues. The design team’s choices, from the detail on each door handle to the prevalence of North American walnut in the interior of the tower, were made to provide a “seamless transition” between luxury vehicle and luxury living space. The fine links between the two ensure that none of the quality is lost in the translation.

When it’s time to step back inside, the feeling of spaciousness and open space continues to resonate thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass walls that defy limitations. Following in the footsteps of Dezer Development’s Porsche Design Tower, Bentley Residences will also boast a “Dezervator”, or a specially designed elevator that brings vehicles freed from the need for parking or ground-floor garages to their owners’ residences.

Common areas throughout the building are there to entertain and invite residents to re-occupy without leaving the comforts of home. A cinema designed to mimic the comfort of a Bentley backseat, a games room with VR experiences and a state-of-the-art whiskey bar are among the tower’s common areas where neighbors can get to know each other and relax on their own. A wellness centre, spa, cigar lounge and restaurant will be on site to allow residents to spend an entire evening out without entering the city.

Bentley’s aesthetic cues will weave throughout the building’s spaces, subtly enriching the interior of the building without being overwhelming or outright decorative. For example, the company’s diamond motif will be featured on the lobby tiles and the exterior of the tower, which will be formed from diamond-shaped panels. The lobby will also house a series of natural wood pillars rendered in the same manner as the wood accents on Bentley’s EXP 100 GT concept car. Collaborating teams have selected construction materials with local resources in mind, and each element is subject to strict quality control. Wood, leather and glass accents will define the interior of the building and make it look like a Bentley vehicle. Based on these materials, the design team adapted their aesthetic expertise to a much larger canvas, achieving a unique blend of luxury and comfort.

While Bentley Residences is not expected to open until 2026, anticipation is already rising among potential residents, Bentley owners and Miami-based developers. Dezer Development’s collaboration with Bentley is extraordinarily anticipated thanks to the success of the Porsche Design Tower completed in 2017. For now, the Sunny Isles Beach sales gallery is the on-site resource for everything customers need to know about the project and the vantage point to witness the meticulous shaping of a perfect Tower.

Virtual tours of the property and detailed floor plans are also available on the project website. Embracing the Bentley lifestyle, both visually and conceptually, Residences are guaranteed to exceed expectations and take legendary craftsmanship far beyond the company’s Crewe headquarters.

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