Be inspired by these sustainable Christmas 2022 living themes

Glitz and glamor with a vintage vibe for this Gatsby trend.

Using LED lights on Christmas trees could save every household around £27 over the holiday season, research shows.

Halogen Christmas lights cost around £34 at Christmas, compared to around £7 for LED lights, according to a Homebase study.

UK households will spend around £189 million this year to light up their Christmas trees – an increase of £73 million – about £3 per household on the previous year.

However, there are plenty of ways to maximize the fun while reducing energy consumption.

This selection of the trending sustainable interiors for Christmas 2022 can inspire your decorating theme;

Now that the roaring twenties have had a subdued start thanks to the pandemic, partying is back with a vengeance.

Be eco-cosy with warm textures, lots of natural floral art and sustainable materials.

Gatsby Glam involves dressing your home in as much glitz and glamor as possible. If it sparkles, it’s in.

This trend calls for a vintage vibe so you don’t have to worry about energy consumption. Think candlelit dinners, stylish glass baubles and shimmering decors to reflect light in rooms.

The Scandinavian interior trend is back, this festive version of Hygge is ready to envelop us in the comfort and nostalgia of Christmas.

Bring the outdoors in with a woodland theme. Think natural, earthy materials and woodland vibes with the help of a few pine-scented candles.

This trend evokes a cozy nationwide gathering that embraces planet-friendly sustainability. So bring warm textures, natural floral art and sustainable materials into your home. Perfect for snuggling up by the fire for a Christmas movie.

Avoid unnecessary packaging by filling a reusable wooden advent calendar with goodies, this can become a time-honored family tradition while also reducing Christmas waste.

The focus here is, of course, on wood. Think of earthy materials that make children and adults fall in love with the magic of their surroundings.

Lots of glitter and sparkle with all things Christmas and low light requirements. For the ones you do have, use a timer so they turn off at night.

Twinkling lights sparsely wrapped around trees to look like a fairy toad and decorations in the shape of creatures like red squirrels, owls and foxes.

It’s not just visual elements that bring this trend to life. The scent takes center stage with the help of pine scented candles or scented candles.

Replace older bulbs with LED bulbs for greater energy efficiency.

Less is more? No, more is more!

Throw minimalism out the window this year. Embrace your inner child and give your home the Santa’s grotto makeover of your childhood dreams.

Decorate the hallways with colorful chaos. Striped candy canes, gingerbread men, fake snow, nutcrackers, you name it. Don’t forget to get little elves involved.

Smart choices keep you energy conscious. Install timer plugs for all your mains generated decorations. When you sleep, so can the decorations.

​According to the Energy Saving Trust, LED bulbs use 80 percent less energy than halogen bulbs.

Inefficient non-LED bulbs are now banned in the UK, but many UK households will still own old halogen tree lights ready to hang for Christmas.

LED bulbs are also much safer than halogen bulbs. They don’t get that hot, which can be a fire hazard.

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