Bass Coast Farmhouse by John Wardle Architects, Australia

The Bass Coast Farmhouse by John Wardle Architects is a fitting addition to the Melbourne-based architecture studio’s long tradition of immaculate country homes. Located on a coastal site in South West Victoria, the land of which the Boon Wurrung people have been the traditional custodians, the project is a family country home. ‘It is a farmhouse, clean and simple’, write the architects among their central design ‘rules’ – other guiding principles in the process were the desire for a concrete floor, different types of windows and a defining undercroft.

(Image credit: Trevor Mein)

Bass Coast Farmhouse: the exterior

From a distance, the two-storey house appears simple, reduced to a minimalist, abstract outline of an archetypal farmhouse building. Move closer, however, and the drama of this artfully designed home unfolds. The building’s corrugated iron roof, timber walls and a single chimney enclose a tactile and expressive interior, clad in timber, and revealed upon entry via the undercroft’s exposed gable roof structure and drawbridge.

undercroft on bass coast farm

(Image credit: Trevor Mein)

The house is conceived as a powerful response to its landscape and terrain. It cantilevers over a rise and connects to the ground elsewhere, drawing on the rolling land around it. It also provides access to walking trails that connect it to the nearby sea beach – Bass Strait.

living room in rural modern Australian home

(Image credit: Trevor Mein)

Bass Coast Farmhouse: the interior

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