Backyard Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you haven’t started sprucing up your lounging space in your backyard, it’s time to snap up and enjoy the season outdoors. But where do you start? Learning how to decorate your garden without breaking the bank takes a little time and research, but the lasting results are worth it.

To help you find the right inspiration, we spoke with professional designer and blogger Rae Beeman. Here, she shares her simple (and very affordable!) backyard decorating ideas for turning a patio, porch, or even a corner of your garden into a charming, laid-back oasis. Check out this sample design below.

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Mix colors and prints.

“The quickest way to liven up a simple sitting area is to mix and match colors and patterns,” notes Beeman.

To get the look, start by adding a seat cover or cushion in blue stripes or a scalloped pattern to your bench. Top with a mix of brightly colored pillows and summery prints (like the raspberry pink, burlap and palm tree pillows pictured).

Tip: For a long banquette, display at least five or six throw pillows for an ultra-inviting look.

Draw a floor plan.

Whether you’re carving out a corner of your garden, patio, or porch, Beeman says it’s surprisingly easy to create an outdoor seating area. “You’ll want to draw a floor plan first,” she notes. “Next, add the largest pieces of furniture, followed by accents.”

In the photo above, notice how a wicker bench is set up with a table and chairs in a simple “horseshoe” living room format. This ensures optimal conversation flow and comfort for guests – and yourself!

Anchor your space.

“Outdoor rugs nicely ground a seating area while bringing it together in a unified space,” says Beeman. “Plus, the rugs instantly bring a splash of color and a cozy texture! »

Tip: Opt for weatherproof rugs or rugs made from natural materials (like jute or sisal) so they can withstand summer temperatures and weather.

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Add a welcoming touch.

It only takes a few eye-catching touches to make any space feel more like a luxury retreat, says Beeman. Some easy ideas:

Enhance beauty and privacy with planters of different sizes. (Planters don’t have to be real if you don’t have time to take care of them! Browse your local Facebook Marketplace to steal.) Check out this edgy design below.

outdoor garden decorating idea with corner planters
Shutterstock/Klem Mitch

Enhance the ambiance with lanterns. The soft glow will add warmth and coziness to the space in a way that lamps simply cannot. We love the lanterns pictured below. (And if you don’t have lanterns, try candles.)

trendy outdoor garden decoration idea, lanterns on the tables

Add warmth with rattan or burlap chairs or baskets. They are the perfect mix of comfortable, accessible and trendy.

Rattan chairs in a garden decoration idea

Offer five-star charm by serving snacks, chilled wine or a pitcher of iced tea. Having a big spread (even if it’s minimal effort, like cheese and crackers) helps your guests feel welcome and at home.

outdoor snack charcuterie board for the garden
Shutterstock/Liz Creative Studios

Now that we have all of these tips laid out, the final design is in your hands. Don’t forget: a little extra punch will not only help your guests enjoy the space, but also you and your family.

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