Back breakfast corner and how to make it yourself

There has been a recent revival in some of the attractive areas of kitchen design. We’ve seen the return of classic pantries, pain rails holding rows of old copper pots, and sweet little drapes under farmhouse sinks. Florals abound, as do patterned wallpaper and checkered floor tiles. The latest feature to stand out from our design past is the breakfast nook.

The breakfast nook provides a level of informality in the kitchen – not quite as cozy as a cup of tea and a piece of toast on the sofa, but without the ceremony in the dining room. It’s an in-between space for quiet mornings in pajamas.

“Breakfast nooks are a great way to divide up space in your kitchen and create a cozy little nook to enjoy your morning coffee or indulge in a good book on a Sunday afternoon,” says the interior design experts at InHouse Inspired Room Design. “It adds a new dimension to your kitchen as well, providing a cozy place for people to relax while someone is cooking, or a place to enjoy a view of the garden while sipping on a mid-morning cup of tea.”

While the concept may seem like a design whim – there’s probably little need for an entire corner of the house dedicated to snacks and cereal – breakfast nooks are usually modest enough to tuck away when not in use, but add a very practical option for extra seating.

The breakfast nook is usually very compact, running in a recess that is of little use to anything else, or located in the corners of a large window. Furniture, such as a bespoke window seat or built-in bench—which is especially common if your breakfast nook is located in a corner—can be built in, or freestanding, like a small mini table.

“There is a growing demand for small, compact pieces that provide places for dining and entertainment that can be easily removed when not in use,” says Tom Saint Quentin, furniture buyer at Furniture Village. “Every nook and cranny is an opportunity to add practical value to the kitchen.”

breakfast corner

According to InHouse Inspired Room Design, the breakfast nook is a simple design update.

‘If you’re interested in adding a breakfast nook in your home, there are plenty of easy ways to do so. Find a nook in your kitchen or living space that hasn’t been used – this may require moving furniture from place to place – then add a table and some comfy seating. One simple way is To do this by adding a table and an armchair or two, but if you want something a bit more spacious, adding benches to the wall around the corner is the ultimate redesign.”

Your choice of seating depends on how you envision using the breakfast nook. A comfortable chair might be a reasonable option if you enjoy spending the morning with a newspaper, or want a place for company while you cook. Built-in seating is usually diluted with upholstered seating—many will carry a vintage-inspired style as the outline.

The design of the breakfast nook is no more functional exercise than other areas of the kitchen.

Throws, blankets, rugs, and soft rugs can help transform this corner into a space you want to spend a lot of time in. Try to coordinate the colors of your textiles with the furniture and wall colors so that it creates a cohesive, proportional look put together. This will instantly make it look thoughtfully designed and uplifting. More from your angle.

Earthy and rustic designs and tones are great for creating a cozy vibe, so consider using moss greens, deep colors, and different textures to create a warm and welcoming feel in your corner. “

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The right choice of lighting will always help to identify small pockets in the house, an opportunity to introduce more old references. A beautiful wall lamp with a folded shade would work, or a low hanging pendant that casts a warm glow around your table.

“If you don’t have the space or budget to create a signature breakfast nook, try carving out a corner of your living space by simply rearranging your furniture and adding a comfy table and chair, to give you that little change of ambiance and scenery.

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