Ashley Furniture class action alleges misleading pricing scheme

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Ashley Furniture class action overview:

  • Who: Author Stephanie Aberl has filed a class action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture.
  • Because: Ashley Furniture allegedly tricks customers with fake “original” sales prices to lure them into purchasing advertised items at a discounted price.
  • Where: Ashley Furniture’s class action was filed in California federal court.

Ashley Furniture Industries LLC faces a false advertising class action claiming the furniture chain misleads customers with fictitious “original” prices, leading them to falsely believe they are buying furniture at bargain prices.

Complainant Stephanie Alberl, from California, says she relied on Ashley Furniture’s deceptive pricing scheme when she purchased a metal twin bed and mattress on the company’s website. The single bed was listed at a sale price of $96.99 with a reference price listed at $159.99, according to Ashley Furniture’s class action lawsuit.

Aberl alleges that he decided to buy the metal single bed because he believed the discounted price would not last long and believed he received a significant bargain of nearly 40% off the regular price of the bed.

“However, this product has never been on sale for the original price listed on the Ashley Furniture e-commerce site and certainly not in the previous 90 days. [Aberl’s] purchase,” alleges the misleading pricing class action. “It wasn’t even on sale at full price in a physical Ashley Furniture store.”

Ashley Furniture’s Fake Reference Price Artificially Inflates True Market Price, Claims Class Action

The Ashley Furniture class action explains that false reference price occurs when a seller lists a false “original” price for a product and offers the product at a significantly lower “sale” price to entice bargain hunters to buy the product. product.

This kind of deceptive pricing “artifically inflates the true market price of these products, increasing consumers’ domestic reference price and, in turn, the value consumers place on these products,” reads Ashley Furniture’s class action lawsuit.

Retailers can thus sell products at prices above their true market price and value, leaving customers to pay inflated prices, according to the Misleading Pricing Class Action.

Ashley Furniture’s class action lawsuit asserts claims for violations of California’s unfair competition laws, false advertising laws, and the California Consumer Remedies Act.

Aberl has filed a deceptive pricing class action on his behalf and a proposed class of persons in California who have purchased one or more products from the Ashley Furniture website that were advertised at a discount to an advertised reference price who have not received a refund or credit for your purchase(s).

Ashley Furniture also faced accusations that did not list promised delivery dates on sales documents in violation of the laws of the state of New Jersey.

Have you purchased items from the Ashley Furniture website? What do you think of the deceptive pricing scheme claims? Join the discussion in the comments below!

Aberl is represented by Todd D. Carpenter and Scott G. Braden of Lynch Carpenter LLP.O Ashley Furniture’s Misleading Price Class Action It is Stephanie Aberl v. Ashley Furniture Industries LLC, et al.Case No. 3:22-cv-00505-JLS-NLS, in the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

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