Area of ​​Lethbridge says residents should prepare their homes and gardens for autumn


Crisp leaves and changing colors mean autumn has arrived in southern Alberta, and Environment Lethbridge is reminding residents to prepare for the changing conditions.

“We’ll probably all be reaching for the thermostat again this week,” said Kathleen Sheppard, executive director of Lethbridge Lethbridge.

“So, if you have a programmable thermostat, now is a good time to program it for winter or just get into the habit of turning the heating down when you’re not home or sleeping to avoid that. bit of energy.”

Sheppard says cleaning your furnace filter before turning on the fire is another important step.

With cooler temperatures in the evenings and at night, Sheppard says closing doors and windows properly can have a big effect on energy use.

“Energy prices are going up and you don’t want to pay to heat the neighborhood if you can avoid it,” Sheppard said.

Despite the slight temperature drop, Erich Dyck, owner of Country Blooms Garden Center, says it’s still too early to put away your garden hose.

“Keep making sure all your plants are hydrated,” Dyck said.

“Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean they’re closing. Even in the winter season, following the fall, plants still need a certain amount of hydration.

“A lot of people tend not to water their plants after the cooler weather comes, but that really affects them and can cause them to die.”

As for shrubs and trees, Dyck says it’s fine to plant them this time of year, but annuals and perennials are ready for the season.

Dyck says only cedars need to be covered all winter.

“Keep an eye on your garden. Just because it’s dormant doesn’t mean it isn’t alive — it’s still alive,” Dyck said.

“Your evergreens, in particular, are alive and need occasional care. Just keep an eye on things. Just because (your) garden is dormant doesn’t mean you should be dormant too.

Sheppard says leaving some leaves behind when clearing your yard can be beneficial for smaller critters and insects like ladybugs and butterflies.

“When you think about your drains and gutters, this is the time of year they get full of leaves or things like that, so just doing that basic maintenance before it gets really cold can help a lot,” Sheppard said.

The city’s garden waste locations will remain open until November 14.

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