Apartments, commercial retail coming to Garden City, Idaho

A Boise firm plans to build a large residential and commercial complex along the Boise River in Garden City.

Bill Truax, president and CEO of Galena Equity Partners, which bought the property in January, said the project, called Cellar 45, will consist of two residential buildings with 360 apartments and 10,000 to 12,000 square feet of retail space between 44th and 45th streets. .

Truax said over the phone that it will consist of studios up to two-bedroom apartments and aim to stay below the luxury market price. The name is a reference to the wineries, of which there are several in Garden City.

Traux said he hopes to host water-related businesses as well as food and beverage businesses in the retail space. A fly fishing company has already approached him.

He said the project aims to re-imagine the small city surrounded by Boise, home to warehouses and mobile homes.

On Monday, the project proposal received approval from the city’s Design Review Committee, provided that the plan includes some additional awnings at street level on one of the building’s south facades.

Jackson | Main Architecture, a Seattle firm, prepared the designs.

cellar 45 2.jpg
The apartment and retail building will be less than a block from the Boise River. Galena Capital Partners

Truax said his company is working with Garden City “to help lay the foundations for what this region will become over the coming decades.”

Eventually, the company would like to see a footbridge that connects the area to Willow Lane Park, which is across the river in Boise.

There is already a similar footbridge east of the plots connecting the Greenbelt to Ester Simplot Park north of Quinn’s Pond.

“I think the connection over time along the Green Belt has been significantly strengthened by making that river crossing,” he said.

Truax said he hopes eventually the area around 44th and 45th streets will become designated event spots by the city that will encourage mixed-use development.

Galena also works on Parkway Station, a mixed-use neighborhood at 42nd and 43rd streets near the intersection with Adams Street. Truax said his company will likely build another “three or four” buildings in that area over the next five years.

Prior to that, his company built Trailwinds, a low-income apartment complex on 42nd Street, which it incorporated into Parkway Station.

Nearby, on 41st Street, rises a luxury 18-story condominium that will become Idaho’s third tallest building. Boise’s Vida Properties plans to have restaurants, retail space, apartments, hot tubs, fire pits and an outdoor theater.

For more than a decade, growth has continued along Garden City’s waterfront, close to where Boise’s Whitewater Park was renovated in 2012 and expanded in 2019, bringing kayakers, surfers and fans to the riverbanks. In recent years, this growth has begun to expand northward along the river.

cellar 45.jpg
Galena Equity Partners plans to begin construction of the two-building development in December. Galena Capital Partners

What’s in the 45th Street location now?

Galena Equity Partners acquires five parcels for its two-building development. Truax said these packages were purchased by Gem Meat Packing Co., on 45th Street, a longstanding meat company. and said it consisted of a mobile home, a small house, and a vacant lot at 44th Street.

Owner Tyler Compton said Gem Meat Packing was founded in 1947.

His family has been in this business for three generations. For years, people have turned to Compton to buy the property, but offers didn’t get serious until about three years ago, he said.

“This property here is getting too expensive to be a meatpacking plant, a storage building, or a trailer park,” he told The Statesman over the phone. “Garden City will become a city rather than an industrial park.”

Although he would be upset that he didn’t come to Garden City every morning, he said his business needed a new building he plans to build in Middleton.

“This gives us the opportunity to build a new facility in a new location for our family to do exactly what we’re doing now and better take care of our customers,” Compton said. “This is a great opportunity.”

Compton said he had two years to stay in place, starting last January. while setting up his new factory here.

Truax said he hopes to begin construction at the 44th Street location in December before the meat factory moves to 45th Street after the move. “Each building is expected to take about 18 months to build,” he said.

“They’re going to do something clean for the community,” Compton said. “People will have a chance to live here along the river. I think it’s really cool.”

He worries that rising real estate values ​​could push residents out, noting that most of Garden City thinks it will evolve into a more dense, urban lifestyle in the coming years.

“Everyone should have a place to live,” he said.

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