Antiques Alert! Look For These 5 Vintage Items When You Go Out Shopping at the Thrift Store


Finding the perfect antique piece is like going on a very fun scavenger hunt. As modern home decor becomes more and more popular, those of us who prefer vintage and antique style furniture have had to get creative. Thrift stores, real estate sales, and Etsy pages are places of choice, both for their ample selection and affordable prices.

If you prefer romantic vintage to the sharp lines and muted colors of modern decor, grab the following items from your local flea market. Different, architectural and pleasant to look at, these budget finds will warm any room.

Enamel Jugs

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Galina Grebenyuk/Shutterstock

Pour the talisman! A standard used jug, repurposed as a container for your favorite flower arrangement, is an easy way to add rustic charm to your space. Curved handles and spouts give even the simplest bouquets a sculptural feel. Don’t worry about scratches or bits of rust that may have built up over the years – wear and tear here acts as a direct contrast to the delicate bouquet you choose to fill it with (and fills your space with storytelling like: “I found this pitcher on a trip to Texas 20 years ago!” ). If a jug is leaking, place the flowers in a plastic cup and then place the cup in the jug. If real flowers are not for you, use artificial flowers or completely change the use of the jug. Utensils, for example, look great in a pitcher on a party table.

Antique Busts

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Julia Pavaliuk/Shutterstock

Although they originated in Greece, these sculptures have been cornerstones of French decor since the Renaissance. From marble to plaster, weathered busts (the more nicks and scratches the better!) bring a storied personality and a sense of elegance that’s hard to capture on an otherwise budget. Decorate them with flowers or greenery for a look that is head and shoulders above the rest.

Teapots and Coffee Kettles

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Alison Henley/Shutterstock

Give a room a pick-me-up with teapots and kettles hanging overhead. Opt for a monochrome grouping or let the look go wild with a variety of colors and patterns. Hang them from hooks on the wall, put them on the counter as decorative pieces, or turn them into beautiful lighting fixtures. To do this, add holes to the base, then install a single-bulb light kit and hang it from above.


Paper Ephemera

Newspapers, business notebooks, and old diary pages have a softness that new pieces can’t match. The warmth of weathered paper softens any minimalist approach with the often intense patterns they create. Frame favorite finds for wall decor or use the French decoupage technique to apply pieces directly to furniture or walls.

Dress Forms

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Sandra Cunningham/Shutterstock

This tailor’s staple is plentiful at both thrift stores and estate sales. While its original function was commercial, it transforms the space into an old-fashioned clothes store that you will see in one section, creating an attractive bedroom or dressing room display. Bridgerton. Use it to discreetly store and display jewellery, hats, scarves and more; or use it as a makeshift mannequin to test out the perfect outfit.

Turntable Case

While the revival of turntables has continued for the past decade, non-commissioned ones can still serve a decorative purpose. Using it as a vintage-style holster hits a strong note. Its depth makes it the perfect place to store books and other bulky items. (Bonus: the missing player also makes it cheaper to buy.) Make your own with paint and contact paper if desired.

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