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Satish Kumar and his family decided to have a facelift for their old house as it does not fit in with the modern era. Besides, they were dissatisfied with the meager facilities and crowded spaces inside. At first, they planned to build a completely new house. However, they abandoned that plan due to lack of budget.

It was engineer Mahesh who suggested renovating the old house after inspecting the structure. The rooms in this house were spacious, although the sunlight was far from entering them. The family realized that if they built a new home, on a tight budget, they might end up with a smaller home that wouldn’t have a lot of amenities or space. Satish, an engineer, realized that his architect was right.

The house has been renovated without changing the structure too much. The GI truss roof was newly installed over the old pitched roof. Besides, the roof tiles have also been paved to give a traditional charm. Interestingly enough, this new addition acts as an interface, while retaining the old features of the chassis.

Changing the direction of the gate and front yard plays a vital role in giving the elevation a unique appearance. Earlier, the gate was right in front of the house. So, the courtyards looked crowded even though there was enough space on either side of the house. Now, the gate has been moved about 25 meters to the side, allowing the height to shine through. Besides, the beautiful scenery of the landscape can also be enjoyed.

This elegant 2,900-square-foot home features a car park, sitting areas, formal and family living areas, dining space, two patios, a kitchen with an adjacent work area and four bedrooms.

Spatial limitations were overcome by rearranging the interiors. The redundant interior walls were demolished to make the interior spaces spacious and airy. Besides, huge windows have been added in all the rooms to bring in plenty of sunlight and cool breeze into the house.

The faded old mosaic floors were replaced with new glazed tiles. This makes the interiors look brighter and also adds a cozy atmosphere. The furniture inside the house has also been renovated to suit the family’s interests. The custom furniture goes well with the overall look of the interiors.

The family had been gardening during the lockdown. Therefore, they wanted ample space to accommodate all their plants. The architect designed inviting green spaces in the house where the beloved family plants took a prime place. The courtyard has been transformed into a pleasant relaxation area by arranging a coffee table and chairs. Satish pledges that this space has become the family’s favorite place in the house. He says he could spend hours here, sipping coffee and enjoying the quiet charm of the surrounding greenery.

The long side patio is the highlight of the house. One can enter this space from the formal living area. Grills are installed here for added safety. Meanwhile, tempered glass was paved as a roof. Interestingly enough, the family has turned this area into a wonderful spot of greenery.

The old kitchen gave way to a modern and spacious kitchen. The tanks were modified at the marine end. Meanwhile, the countertop was paved with white tiles. An attractive breakfast table arranged in the center complements the kitchen area.

There are three bedrooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor. All bedrooms have attached bathroom and have wardrobes as well. The windows in the bedrooms open up to the wonderful views of the greenery of the landscape.

This old house got a great face lift with a reasonable budget of Rs 40 lakh. Family friends and relatives were surprised to see how an old building could be transformed into a charming modern home.

Project facts

Location – Kodungallur, Thrissur

Area – 2900 SFT

Owner – Satish Kumar

Architects – Mahesh Ramakrishnan, Arun TS

Dezigns Thrissur . point of view

Mobile – 8606531611

Year of Completion – 2020

Pictures: Ar. amazing how much

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