Amber Lewis Redefines “Simple” With Her Easy-Going Collection for Anthropologie

Amber Lewis has taken the design world by storm with the thoughtful storytelling reflected in her Cali-inspired style. Earlier this month, Lewis launched “Simple Pleasures,” her third collection for Anthropologie, guided by the carefree character that defines contemporary West Coast interiors. The retailer shared the exclusive news with Beautiful house and we (along with Amber’s massive audience) have been eagerly awaiting this encore! From mirrors, furniture, textiles, home fragrances and more, the casual collection makes shopping easy for your home.

Taking note of the response to Amber’s exclusive collaborations over the past year, Mary Beth Sheridan, Anthropologie’s director of merchandising for home and beauty, was sure “Simple Pleasures” would resonate deeply with shoppers. “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our third (!) exclusive collaboration with acclaimed interior designer Amber Lewis. Throughout the design process, we thought carefully about what it means to love where you live. and live effortlessly, with elegance and meaning,” Sheridan shares.


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Lewis sought to create a casual line (a mix of bohemian and Cali-casual) that can easily mix and match with existing or new pieces. Her style shines through her choice of natural woods, understated leathers and unique textiles, with clever glimpses of color. “This collection was inspired by new textures and colors that reminded me of spring. From the moss on the chairs to the wicker tops of the candles, all outdoor elements I wanted to bring into the house,” says Lewis.

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Looking to incorporate a carefree spirit into your home decor choices? Lewis suggests finding simple but beautiful changes to your space. “Small touches like bringing in greenery or flowers, casually draping a throw over your chair instead of folding it. Keeping things casual and organic is key to a carefree vibe. Nothing should be too precious to be lived and used in your daily life,” she advises.

These pieces were designed to blend into a home without a fuss. It’s high, yet light and luxurious, a wonderful blend that makes your return home a welcome retreat for you and your guests. Dreamy silhouettes and holiday vibes will inspire you to redefine simplicity and create conversational pieces in your home. Prices range from $14 for a spoon rest to $7,498 for a comfort section. There are even chic additions for kitchen counters and dining tables! Tomorrow the collection will be available via Anthropologie and we’re sure you’ll find items you’ll love living with, now and for years to come!

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