Amazon’s new OEM store gives home mechanics a one-stop shop for automotive finds


Buying new parts for your car just got a little easier. Earlier this week, Amazon launched its new original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) store, allowing home mechanics, car enthusiasts or those who just need a quick and affordable replacement part to gain greater access to automotive products. what they need.

Amazon’s new OEM store offers products from 25 auto brands, covering categories such as engine parts, tires, RV and motorcycle parts, aftermarket parts, enthusiast products, lock kits, and much more. Plus, with Amazon Confirmed Fit, which asks for your vehicle’s make, model, year, and type, you can ensure that the parts you’re using match your car, motorcycle, or ATV.

This release comes shortly after eBay’s engine division introduced its Fit Service Guaranteed earlier this month. Much like Amazon’s confirmed fit, eBay’s guaranteed fit asks for your vehicle information to filter out products that work for your specific car. It was suggested by multiple outlets that Amazon’s new OEM store is intended to compete with eBay’s automotive business.

Anyway, Amazon’s OEM store allows you to shop from brands like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Volvo, Toyota and more to choose exactly the part you need for your car. This is especially nice if you prefer to work on your vehicles yourself (or are restoring one in your garage), but you can also buy these parts to take to your mechanic for installation.

Every car, motorcycle, and trailer is different, of course, so we don’t recommend vehicle-specific products. So if you already know what your vehicle needs, Amazon can help match it more perfectly with this latest offering. In addition, the store also carries accessories for your car, as well as items to make your vehicle smoother, more beautiful and give you strength in case of an emergency. Scroll below to shop some notable products.

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Best portable water resistant jumper

Boost Plus Portable Jump Starter Box
NOCO Boost Plus Portable Jump Starter Box

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Named one of the best portable jump starters for its water resistance, the Noco Boost Plus is great to take in your car for emergencies. It has an LED flashlight, has up to 20 uses on one charge, is lightweight and can also serve as a power bank when needed.


An editor’s favorite scanning tool

AD310 OBD II Scan Tool
ANCEL AD310 OBD II Scan Tool

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This is a useful tool for understanding why the check engine light came on. We like this one in particular because it actually tells you in simple terms what the problem is, rather than just giving you some indecipherable code. Also, it’s on sale now.

Paint like a pro

Performance paint gun starter kit
3M Performance Paint Gun Starter Kit

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Give your vehicle a professional paint job with this 3M kit. It has 4.7 stars on Amazon, with reviewers raving about this kit for its ease of cleaning and use. In addition to the spray gun, it comes with a spray cup, five disposable caps and cup liners, 15 atomizing heads in three different sizes, a mixing cup, a locking collar and three sealing caps.

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