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Amazing Stairs Concepts – Germiston City News


Modern homes tend to be more compact, and with valuable land, duplex townhouses are an obvious choice for developers. By necessity, semi-detached houses have stairways connecting the two levels.

But a staircase should be about more than just a practical item: after all, a staircase is often the first thing you see when you enter a home. Staircase design should balance functionality and style. To set the desired tone, it must blend into the design of the entrance hall and possibly the adjacent open plan living area.

There are many designs to choose from, from contemporary wooden stairs to floating glass steps. You just have to find the one that matches your design style and budget.


Whether you’re renovating an existing staircase, adding a new one to update an old entryway, or redesigning a new home from scratch, you’re sure to find a staircase that meets your needs among the latest trends.

Stairs with straight and curved components make for exciting designs, allowing you to shape them to best fit the space, and balustrades can make a big impression.

Glass is a popular choice, along with powder-coated steel sheets in standard gray as well as bright, bold oranges and reds. Steel panels can be laser cut into patterns to create interesting plays of light.

Straight stairs are often found in smaller entryways, and utilitarian balusters can make the space feel cramped. Glass balustrades can create an open plan feel, allowing light into the foyer and making the space feel more spacious.

The glass balustrade or a combination of glass and steel avoids the feeling of an enclosed space in the stairs with half a turn before the landing.

Dramatic steel balustrades are ideal for larger staircase layouts with galleries, creating a striking focal point at the entrance.


Enclosed stairwells can be dark and isolated from the rest of the house, so it is essential to include adequate lighting.

In an existing home, well-placed wall sconces or an elegant pendant lamp will make the space more comfortable with minimal expense.

If you’re rewiring as part of a remodel, have your electrician install LED strips or floor-mounted downlights to illuminate stair treads.

The motion sensor lights turn on when someone passes and turn off again after a short time, saving energy in the process.



Renovating an existing staircase is sustainable and economical. If the stairs are structurally solid, just rebuilding the steps and replacing the aesthetic components can completely change the aesthetics without any masonry work. A new railing, a fresh coat of paint, or a trendy stair runner can make all the difference to your front entryway.

Stair runners are making a comeback, and combining a modern pattern with stylish railings will instantly update the space.

The rugs are warm underfoot and come in an endless array of types and colors. Make sure you choose one that can handle heavy foot traffic.

Dark colors like black, brown, and navy runners can greatly enhance a simple stair structure, and they’re functional too.

For a wooden staircase, you have to decide whether to completely cover the steps with carpet or leave part of the wood exposed.


A fresh color can make a dark, dated entryway bright and welcoming. Blues, mid grays and greens create a tranquil ambiance, while yellows, pinks and purples will give you a boost every time you open the front door.

Consider painting your staircase. Black, dark gray and dark blue contrasted with wood tones and white accents can give a dated staircase a modern and sophisticated edge.

For a less dramatic change, paint the stair baseboards in a contrasting color or create depth of tone with matching hues.

Complement your new color choice with patterned tile risers. They will protect the ladder from rubbing and create a talking point. If tiling isn’t your forte, use adhesive tile patterns that can be removed if you get tired of them.

The guidelines provided above, if well implemented, will help you to have the ideal scale.

Writer: Sarah-Jane Meyer