AkzoNobel unveils the latest color trends at the High Point Market 2022

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HIGH POINT, North Carolina –Experts from AkzoNobel’s Global Color and Design studio for Wood Coatings are on hand to share their knowledge of the latest color trends and wood finishes impacting the home furnishing industry at this fall’s International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina, between October 22 and 26. .

AkzoNobel’s Global Color and Design Studio works with color designers to create new colors and effects in paints and coatings, drawing inspiration from other areas of society such as fashion, lifestyle and nature.

During the five days of the High Point Market – the largest event of its kind in North America – Studio color specialists will meet with clients to share their valuable insight into the color and design innovations shaping the wood industry.

“Our Global Color and Design Studio combines centuries of expertise with our latest in-depth market research to develop leading trends that excite and inspire. The specialist team is constantly innovating with colors and wood finishes, coming up with new ideas and keeping customers up to date with the latest trends,” explains Rob Haley, Color Trends Manager for Wood Coatings at AkzoNobel.

Building on the annual trend survey, AkzoNobel’s Global Wood Design team works closely with technical experts as well as designers, architects and wood manufacturers around the world to ensure finishes are robust and can be industrialized globally.

One of the trends sure to catch the attention of wood manufacturers and designers, as well as consumers, is the sense that as people search for connection, inspiration and balance in their lives, they are diving into the wonders of the natural world to find the.

“Nature and biophilic design have become very important for our color choices and strategy. Organic finishes that enhance natural features are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen cabinets. In furniture we see the return of traditional and formal finishes, with heavily weathered and desaturated surfaces giving way to a smoother appearance,” says Haley.

These ideas have been brought together in AkzoNobel’s Color of the Year 2023 – Wild Wonder. Wild Wonder is a golden shade inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops, with a joyful glow that aims to connect people with nature and create a sense of energy and positivity.

To bring Wild Wonder to life in real-world applications, coatings and finishes, AkzoNobel’s Global Wood Design team in High Point, North Carolina, has created four unique palettes, all driven by the themes, balance and rhythms of nature. .

The four palettes – connected by the overarching theme of Seeds of wonder – to be:

  • opulent – Contemporary, one with the country, minimal living
  • fuss – Transitional design, vibrant colors, harmony
  • raw – Cottage Design, Earth Tones, Organic
  • Flow – Traditional design, water, sand

These palettes will have a major impact on interior design in the coming year – including furniture, flooring, cabinets and building products – and will make it easy for both designers and consumers to choose colors and combinations for a timeless look that also reflects current trends and trends. reflects. customer preferences.

More information about AkzoNobel Wood Coatings can be found at industrial-wood-coatings.com

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