Adventures with Chinese crested dogs


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when i was in middle school I asked my mom to raise a puppy. I don’t know if I need to specify if I want a hairy puppy or not. Still, I was stunned and overjoyed when she brought home this cute, wriggling Chinese Crested Dog. Obviously, one Crested was not enough. because since I moved out of the house (leaving a little Primrose behind As it became more attached to my parents) two more were added to my pack.

Chinese Crested: The Ultimate Hairless Dog Breed

Chinese Cresteds are small breeds of hairless dogs. They usually weigh about 10 to 14 pounds. They are most distinguishable by their lack of feathers. Except for the paws (e.g. little boots for winter) and a long mane on their heads. They are cute, good-natured and playful.

Like small dogs, they are also quite fragile. This means that while our family loves adventures with Primrose, Finley and Jackie, preparation is a must.

(Left) Finley hiking in a CoyoteVest, (Right) Primrose cycling through Chicago.

sunscreen for dogs

The first and perhaps most obvious reason is their skin. The Chinese Crested’s skin is just like ours. and may be greasy even pimples and sunburned skin In addition to taking a shower on a regular basis Our dogs also need careful skin care. We use sunscreen especially for dogs if they are going on long walks or long walks in the sun. Human sunscreens contain ingredients such as zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid. which can be toxic to dogs We therefore use Petkin’s doggy sunscreen products with SPF 15, not sticky. And it’s small enough to fit in a backpack or pocket. We reapply generously when necessary. Make sure to target weak spots such as the ears and top of the head. They don’t care about the process of using it. And although at first they licked their backs But they quickly forgot about it.

Does the dog sweat?

We also consider keeping the dog’s skin cool by sprinkling water and hydrating. Chinese Cresteds are unlike other dogs. where it can dissipate heat without panting because it’s really Then they sweat. So if they start panting It’s usually a sign that they’re too hot.

Chinese crested forest
Primose hikes with us through West Virgnia’s New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. (Pictured: Mallory Arnold)

Tips for Taking the Chinese Crested Dog Outside

Our puppies go with us everywhere. And we keep an eye on how they feel when they go on adventures. Although they have a lot of energy. But our smallest (primrose) has short legs and not much strength. Sometimes she needs a break. This means that we carry her in our arms or put a basket around. like the princess she is

beware of predators

Adventuring with a small dog like the Chinese Crested requires being aware of what is lurking in the trees and sky. because they are very small Our dogs are therefore vulnerable to coyote and hawk attacks. Although we have never faced each other so closely. But my parents live in the forest. And sometimes they prefer to be safe than sorry if they see a coyote. put on this fashion statement

Coyote West
Finley in his bright pink CoyoteVest. (Pictured: Mallory Arnold)

The CoyoteVest is a type of armor intended to deflect unexpected attacks. The vest has bright nylon bristles just like a hedgehog. This not only makes predators reluctant to attack. but may prod and prod if they do so Finley loved him. And don’t mind leapfrogging with it.

enjoy social time

Whether or not they wore CoyoteVests, one of the most unique parts of their adventure with the Chinese Cresteds might be the attention they received. This wasn’t your typical outdoor excursion if at least one person stopped us from taking photos of Finley or his pet Jackie. Common questions included, “What are they!?” and “You gave them a haircut!” but the overall reaction was. always claw.

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