Add some elegance to any room with these elegant ceiling fans

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These ceiling fans will keep you and your home cool.

Keep your home cool with class

Ceiling fans are an integral part of many homes around the world. They help keep the house cool and can add a nice aesthetic. When renovating a home, many homeowners forget to upgrade their ceiling fans. While you may not give them much thought, a nice person can bring an entire room together.

A ceiling fan has two simple functions at its core: keeping the house cool with air flow and keeping the house well lit. Any fan of the work should be able to pull off these roles well enough. However, in many modern homes, fans are often seen more as decoration than as a functional appliance. If you’re in the market for a beautiful new ceiling fan, we’ve got you covered. Here are two high-quality ceiling fan options we found—one elegant, one rustic.

River of Goods 52-Inch LED Ceiling Fan

Crystal and elegant fan that will upgrade your home.

Crystal and elegant fan that will upgrade your home.

$194.99 at Amazon

If you prefer a more modern and flashy look, and your home design fits the bill, this is probably the fan for you. This elegant ceiling fan evokes the spirit of a diamond wedding ring in its design. The chandelier’s aesthetic comes with a beautiful satin nickel and K-9 light shade made of woven crystal.

The fan features five blades and a three-speed motor for greater airflow control. For lighting fixtures, this fan features six dimmable LED lights to give the room the perfect amount of light.

Goods River Farm LED Ceiling Fan

A rustic fan for those who prefer a classic look.

A rustic fan for those who prefer a classic look.

$182.99 at Amazon

To decorate your home with a more rustic look, River of Goods also has this Farmhouse LED Ceiling Fan Model. Functionally, this fan is very similar to a 52-inch Glam fan, with many of the same settings. However, it is in the shape that the Farmhouse ceiling fan really stands out.

With a style reminiscent of classic Americana charm, this ceiling fan matches a variety of rooms. With reclaimed wood being a popular design choice in recent years, this is the perfect accessory to match this look. Whether it’s a guest house or a living room, a Farmhouse ceiling fan can complement your most modest aesthetic.

Ceiling fans suit any look

Whether you’re looking for something elegant like a glam fan, or something with more homey charm like a Farmhouse ceiling fan, Merchandise River has you covered. For more options, check out their Amazon store page. With so many ceiling fans and home decor available, you are sure to find some fresh ideas for your home design.

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