According to experts, fall home decor trends for 2022 include Barbiecore

You can almost taste the pumpkin spice with a drop just around the corner. As you start thinking about Halloween costumes and pulling sweaters out of the back of your closet, you might also want to give your home a fall makeover. But before you start swapping your summer pineapples for fall pumpkins, it’s good to know what’s going to be trending this year when it comes to home decorating. That’s why Elite Daily spoke to Michaels, HomeGoods and Etsy to have their experts reveal the fall 2022 home decor trends just for you.

While you can usually expect to see lots of orange in the fall, 2022 will be more colorful than ever, according to interior design experts. Not only will your fall 2022 color palette include more hues, but if you’re looking to have the most Instagram-worthy home this coming season, you’ll also want to incorporate other trends like Barbiecore. Of course, you can’t go wrong with classic pumpkins because they’re always a staple, but you can really spice up your greedy fall decor with customizable and vibrant pumpkins. From fall wreaths to cozy porch vibes, we’ve got all your fall 2022 decorating trends right here when you’re ready to swap your bathing suits for cardigans.

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Melissa Mills, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Merchandising at Michaels, shares that unique fall wreaths are a must-have this fall. In fact, Mills says a DIY wreath is a great way to bring out your “personal style.” Once you get a fall wreath base ($9), says Mills, “our wide selection of floral shrubs and stems are ideal for a traditional or on-trend fall style.” Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty, Michaels has a ton of wreaths ready for fall 2022, and this ombre wreath is perfect for your front door or inside your home.


Dried flower arrangements

Dried arrangements are perfect for fall. As Mills mentions, these durable, long-lasting arrangements “fill your space with a natural vibe,” which is perfect for the season. While you can also order a pre-arranged bouquet from places like UrbanStems, it can be fun to create your own fall dried flower bouquet at home. Using materials from Michaels, Mills recommends that you “combine different heights and colors to add texture and volume to the arrangement.”

“Fitting out a porch is an easy way to update your home every season,” says Mills. This fall, you’ll want to create the coziest porch to enjoy the fall air while snuggling up under a blanket and sipping PSL. If you have the space, Mills recommends “draping a garland over your door frame for an easy and dramatic makeover.” Don’t forget to add tons of outdoor pillows and blankets.

You may not be ready to say goodbye to summer yet. It’s hard to leave your days at the beach behind, but Mills says “the perfect transition from summer to fall is the happy sunflower.” It’s like the best of both worlds, so place some sunflower decor in your home, like a sunflower doormat or a flower crown with sunflowers ($36).

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. It’s the mascot of the season, so as Mills says, “Bring them out for fall!” Get creative with your pumpkins by creating custom pumpkins. At Michaels, you can get a custom pumpkin for your porch that can say whatever you want on it. Of course, if you’d rather go for unique pumpkins that match your color aesthetic, HomeGoods has trendy iridescent pumpkins you can place on your dresser or shelf.

Etsy saw a significant increase in searches for Crustaceancore ahead of the fall. Trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, shares that this aesthetic “just caught up with the coastal grandma aesthetic.” In fact, says Johnson, “We like to think of her as the bolder, brighter younger sister of the coastal grandmother.” It might be fun to add a few shellfish-inspired items in fall colors, like a red seashell blanket ($150), to the rest of your fall decor. This shell might even be the vase that holds your dried fall bouquet.

Barbiecore is all the rage now, and Etsy doesn’t think it’s going to stop in the fall. Johnson says Barbiecore is “a much-loved mood booster after the last few years” and it’s “about embracing vibrant hues.” So, in addition to your traditional fall colors like orange, red, and yellow, you might also want to add some hot pink. A pink table ($250) could be the perfect place to display bright pink pumpkins, and a pink mirror ($85) can be used to create the perfect makeup look for fall 2022.

In addition to Barbiecore pink, HomeGoods Style Expert Jenny Reimold says, “This year’s fall color palette will shift from classic jack-o’-lantern orange tones to a deliberate resurgence of earth tones that incorporate all the fall hues in the designs. .” Some colors Reimold has seen on the shelves are warm browns, terra cotta, taupe, and earthy greens. One way to follow this trend is to replace lounge pillows and throws with a cozier feel that matches these shades.

Another fall decorating trend that Reimold has seen popping up this year is metallic accents. “It’s one of my favorite trends and it’s a great way to bring fall to life in a warm, complementary way that’s easy to incorporate into any space in the home,” says- she. One way to add metallic accents is to use gold cutlery and metallic candlesticks to your fall tablescape or incorporate more metallic pumpkins into your patch.

Another HomeGoods style expert, Beth Diana Smith, shared with Elite Daily, “Green has been trending since the start of 2022 and I don’t see it going away for fall.” However, the fall green hue will be “darker and more jewel hues like emerald, forest, hunter, and moss, creating a rich, saturated palette.” Some easy ways to incorporate this color into your fall decor is to add more faux plants in pretty green vases ($29). You can also trade in some of your old chairs for some gorgeous green swivel stools ($200).

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