Abandoned family dog ​​infested with parasites and fleas gets new life


Life might be a little easier for stray dogs in sunny, tropical Thailand than living in the streets of New York. But these animals still need food. medical care and love

One of these dogs is Jumbo. Abandoned by his family in Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic, Niall Harbison found him infested with fleas and parasites. and swollen ankles and brought it back to his dog shelter in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Jumbo has a chronic health problem that causes severe swelling in his hind legs. This made walking difficult, however, says Harbison, who is from Northern Ireland. Newsweek: “He is a very independent dog. And it takes good care of itself on the road. But I know I have to help it. Otherwise it will slowly get worse.”

photo of jumbo A rescue dog who lives with Niall Harbison at the shelter on Koh Samui, Thailand, Harbison told Newsweek that Jumbo had a health issue that caused his hind legs to swell.
Niall Harbison

Harbison shared the video May 18 on his Instagram, which has been liked by nearly 20,000 people. He explained that before Jumbo was rescued, he used to visit his local 7-Eleven a lot. Employees knew him and would let him. Hang out there for 3-4 hours a day, giving him treats.

Harbison’s sanctuary is in the woods, about two miles from Jumbo’s “beloved 7eleven,” and he patrolls every day to find the store. “After a few health issues and a veterinarian visit.”

“He was treated like royalty at 7-Eleven,” Harbison said. “Every employee knows him. and he walked in as if he owned the place. He is very good at defrauding employees and tourists. And he could happily spend all day eating that.”

The very happy jumbo can be seen in the video confidently walking down the aisle in a 7-Eleven and enjoying a snack on the sidewalk outside.

Despite loving the journey, Harbison describes it as a “A very happy wolf!” he said: “There are so many sights and smells that are exotic for him and the other 10 dogs to play with at any given time. He was a very special dog who liked to have something to do. And the forest provided him with that, but we’d probably go back to 7-Eleven when I thought he needed a shuttle!


Harbison has more than 454,000 followers on his Instagram page. but also the 800+ dogs he feeds every day. Harbison also raises funds for three registered charities across Thailand. They neuter street dogs to prevent more puppies from needing help. “And we’re doing about 125 dogs a month,” says Harbison.

“I started a sanctuary because it seemed like it had to be done,” adds Harbison, whose background is a chef at Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury yachts. I go jogging or biking around the island, and I meet a lot of dogs in miserable condition. Many hungry and sick dogs and many abandoned puppies

Harbison said, “I had no prior knowledge of rescuing dogs. But I just had to do something. I just buy dog ​​food and deliver it on my motorcycle to the dogs in my neighborhood. and posting videos on my personal social media. After about 6 months, it started its journey. and people began to ask, They can donate and it grows from there.”

Unlike many of the dogs Harbison rescues, he will not be found a new home. “Jumbo will be with me for the rest of my life,” Harbison said. “He lives with me in my house. with my other dogs Snoop and Britney and now they are part of the family.”

Viewers on Instagram loved Jumbo’s day trips. “Legend still makes me laugh seeing him walking down the hill trying to find 7/11,” wrote one user.

“I remember Jumbo when I was in Koh Samui 1.5 years ago before you took care of it. Incredible man helping those dogs,” another posted.

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