A wobbly trend will never go out of style: hear me out


I feel a bittersweet pain of getting a little older as I look around my apartment and see design trends of the past dotting various nooks and crannies—a millennial pink sofa cushion, a plastic magazine rack a la Giotto Stoppino for Kartell, pieces of Castaway terrazzo displayed in glass jar. With countless trend forecasters reporting which aesthetics are coming home, which ones are leaving, and perhaps how some might evolve, it’s easy to constantly wonder what’s next. But what if you don’t want to?

Throughout 2021, we saw several variations in the volatility trend. You know, the quirky shape with high design that’s made its mark on brightly colored rugs, unexpected dining tables, whimsical home murals, and more. We even wrote our think piece about the trends people should look forward to as they wave goodbye to the beloved curvy shape. But as someone who loves the quirky personality shape can bring to a room, there’s a question that keeps bugging me: Could a passing obsession grow into a permanent part of your design imprint? I enthusiastically say yes. A simple wiggle can instantly soften a room full of sharp corners, and at the very least add a touch of intrigue — and there’s nothing ephemeral about that.

Take a moment to think of all the places you’ve noticed shaking in the house – I’ll be waiting! Off the top of my head: Puddle Pieces floor mirrors, Sophie Collé side tables, Sophie Lou Jacobsen teapots, Dusen Dusen duvet covers, the list goes on and on. Despite what Instagram targets you with, incorporating this fun look doesn’t have to be a huge statement. You can track down the perfect herringbone dining table, or simply decorate one with a set of herringbone graphic placemats. Choosing subtle accents will help bring the look out of trend territory and into your permanent ensemble.

You’ll find a priori five places in the table where you can turn temporary vibrations into timeless conversation pieces, and we’re not talking about conversations that start with: “Oh, I had one of those ways way back when…” I’m not saying to incorporate these aspects of vibrational direction. All at once, but I won’t let you down either.


Gentleness is better here—you don’t want the shape of your fork to make it completely impossible to, well, prepare your dinner. Look for a subtle wobbly shape, like this five-piece set from Misette that almost looks like an optical illusion (in a good way). This set comes in four colours; You can choose matte black for a bold statement or shiny silver for something timeless. If you’re not ready to fully commit to silverware, consider starting with a pretty pair of wooden bowls for serving salad or a glass spoon for your morning tea.

Image may contain: cutlery, spoon and fork

Misette Squiggle 5-Piece Cutlery Set

Image may contain: cutlery, spoon, food, meal, fork, plate, bowl, soup bowl

Cherry wood spoon and fork set

Image may contain: accessories, cutlery and spoon

Corrugated colored glass spoon


Never underestimate the power of a tissue painting. It can detract from a meal that isn’t pretty. It’ll look great on the table, even if you’re not sitting on it, and yes, it can handle spills. Organic squiggles can be an artistic touch to your space. Each of our picks leans on the playful side of squiggles, both in color and shape.

Image may contain: tableware, spoon, home decor, linen, plate, furniture, table and fork

Mud and Rust 100% Linen French Scalloped Linen Napkins (Set of Four)


Placemats might look like something your mom pulled out for the holidays. And you probably even forgot to put it away, leaving behind a wishful memento of snowmen at every meal as you sweat your way through July in Wisconsin. (Just me?) Placemats provide more than a specific dining area. It can also be a fun design touch when you’re dragging your laptop to the table for some afternoon work. Find a design you love, and you’ll appreciate the fact that your table looks ready for guests when you drop an unexpected script.

Abstract table runner, set of 2

Image may contain: home decor, rug, food and baking

Edie Parker Wavy Placemat Collection in Bubblegum Swirl

Ugly Pink Amoeba Tablecloth


While finding the right color may have been the priority for dinnerware purchases in the past, consider breaking the mold a bit and opting for a smile-inducing design. There are plenty of makers creating hand-painted options, but there are also budget-friendly bamboo options if you’re looking for something a little less pricey (like the simple and bold Poketo collection below). We’re especially partial to the warm red color of Rhode’s new dinner plates, but the organic shimmer of paint along the rim of these dishes, as well as lunch plates from Maison Flaneur, can only be described as delightful.

Bamboo Poquito Salad Bowl Set in Doodle

Image may contain: pottery

Rode 2-Piece Dinner Plate Set

Maison Flaneur Olive Green Bistro Zigzag Dish


Glassware is a simple place to incorporate the curvy shape without breaking the bank. Thanks to the huge variety of drinking vessels—water glasses in the moonlight as cocktail glasses, champagne elevates whatever glass you choose to put them in—even the most modern mugs have a permanent place in the cabinet. But for the task at hand, consider something with a subtle ripple. Fans of color will love MoMA Design Store’s blown glass mugs, which are actually a throwback to the same design that gained a cult following in the 2000s.

Image may contain: glass, jar, pottery, vase, mug and smoke tube

MoMa Design Store Swing Coasters Set of 6

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