A traditional house serving delicious corn for a limited time

To say Charmaine Cooper has taken the Atom to another level is an understatement.

The chef roasts fresh, two-tone sweet corn at Public House and dresses it up with different spices. And while customers appreciate the $10 “Basic” cobs with broccoli, cheese, cheddar, and bacon; Selling Italian herbs and cheese, it’s the gourmet protein additions that take them beyond gourmet.

Lamb chops ($20) topped with a vegan spread and an artisanal blend of parmesan and mozzarella, then topped with lamb chops drizzled with garlic parmesan, parmesan cheese, and house seasoning.

The lobster cone comes with a six ounce lobster tail. (For those who can’t choose between the two, there’s a surf and turf option with both.)

But diners who want to indulge themselves have few dates to grab one of this year’s specialties at the restaurant, 4002 Boulevard Pl. , Indianapolis.

It’s part of the Charmaine Gourmet Corners menu, available only on Fridays and Saturdays from April through September.

Innovative cobs helped launch Cooper’s Restaurant, but Public House has other signature dishes, fusion cuisine with TexMex, Asian, Italian, French influences and soul.

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Burgers, shrimp quesadillas and a crispy onion chicken sandwich adorn the menu with sides like lemon, pepper, broccoli and yellow rice. Lamb chops and also honey-garlic drizzle over garlic Parmesan potatoes ($25); Those with a big appetite can take advantage of the huge plates with salmon fries, burgers, and three full wings.

Public House Tray Of Salmon Nachos, Wings And Burgers.

Much of the traffic to the bistro is for salmon nachos ($20), which are a mix of tortilla chips topped with fried salmon, pico de gallo, Southwestern ranch, sour cream and house sauce. The dish was so popular that it spurred the release of a cob.

Pastas there have been a highlight, particularly the Surf ‘n’ Turf Ramen Bowl ($50) with lamb chops, salmon, shrimp, and lobster tail.

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