A house in London next to where Bob Marley used to live for $ 12.4 million – Rob reports

When Bob Marley and his band The Wailers were recording their album in 1977 displacementThey set up shop on Oakley Street in Chelsea. Now, the property immediately adjacent to the late musician’s former pillow is ready to be grabbed. Don’t worry, it will only cost you 10.75 million pounds ($12.4 million).

The 4,300-square-foot dwelling was originally built in 1870 by the same man who was responsible for building the entire building. In fact, the architect was so fascinated by his work that he decided to keep the dwelling for himself. Now on its third owner – a British businessman and his wife – the couple have managed to breathe new life into the historic residence by completing an extensive year-long renovation. While still celebrating the home’s 19th-century heritage, it now offers a few modern amenities including a coveted heated pool, as well as some eclectic touches.

A house in West London next to where Bob Marley used to live is just listed for $12.4 million

Alex Winship

The aesthetic is hard to define but internally it feels bright, airy and exotic in its soul. She credits her cheer with 17th-century terracotta tiles, reclaimed planks, beams made from old railroad beams, and a French chateau. One thing is for sure, owners are definitely not afraid of color. Among the residence’s highlights is the double-height living area that wraps around a patio and overlooks the dining area. Elsewhere, on the ground floor there is a separate sitting room with a large window that allows you to contemplate the pool.

The four-bedroom home has been extensively renovated and features a number of eclectic touches

Alex Winship

In total, there are six bedrooms spread over the four levels of the house and the large master suite extends over the entire first floor – imagine that. Even more impressive is the park, which is one of the largest in Chelsea. The professionally arranged gardens are a work of art thanks to award-winning garden designer Jane Bruckbank. Within the park is a 16th-century manor wall that was built for Henry VIII. The backyard also includes a summer house with a private kitchen, shower and sauna.

It’s clear that the reggae legend’s property ties are not the only thing working in her favour.

Christian Warman of Tedworth Property holds the listing.

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Alex Winship

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