A guide to planning party decor for your baby naming party at home

Gone are the days when people did not attach much importance to naming the events of the Namkaran ceremony for their little one. Now is the trend of glorious birth month and naming bashing ceremony. The naming ceremony is the day when your baby’s official baby name is decided along with all the cute nicknames you and your family have given your newborn. According to Hindu tradition, it is a lively occasion that is embraced in the presence of near and dear ones, followed by traditional rituals and astrological rules. This sacred event has now acquired official, legal and social significance and days before all the parents were decorated to make their children’s first official party special and memorable. Right from sending personalized invitations to jazzing up home decor – there are so many ways to make this day mesmerizing and impressive and to bring blessings to a newborn in the most amazing way.

Here are 4 decorating ideas for your baby naming party at home

Cute white floral decor

Creating a cozy baby cot corner is one of the best ways to sparkle at your event while making your guests feel awe! A white bed covered with just the right amount of white florals, and white curtains with a soft fur rug look soothing to the eyes. You can also decorate the bed with some soft toys and dolls to make the decoration cute and happy.

Intimate ground for guests

To make the naming party cozy and intimate at home, you can opt for elegant and comfortable seating for your guests. You can even have a seated lunch to make the party extravagant and elegant. The DIY cabana can be coordinated with a tall, rectangular wooden table and multiple fluffy pillows. Oversized planters, candles, and centerpiece jar pots are the perfect addition to properly decorate your space.

Intimate ground for guests

Quirky entrance with animal painting

An elegantly decorated entrance is a perfect way to reach deep into your guest’s heart! Therefore, inviting the entrance with distinctive motifs such as cute and whimsical animals, light-colored flowers, greenery, and personal messages is a great way to make the entrance bright and lively and to make your guests feel the elegance of the celebration. Make sure to complement the interior with exterior components for a more cohesive look.

Assorted origami ceiling made of multicolored paper

Origami is an ancient decorative element that looks equally beautiful and elegant even now. Decorating the ceiling with multicolor DIY origami is a perfect way to bring all the traditional vibes but with a contemporary twist. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can opt for satin fabric as well. Covering the space with psychedelic and cute elements like stars, moon, and cute elephants is also a great way to enhance your naming party decor.

Assorted origami ceiling made of multicolored paper

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