A dog trainer reveals the secrets to keeping yourself safe when meeting an anxious dog for the first time. and it’s very simple


A child’s hand affectionately strokes the head of a pet dog.

To be honest, most of us find it pretty hard to resist reaching out and petting this adorable fluffy fur when we find it! But in our eagerness to interact with dogs. We may fail to catch the signal that they may be signaling that they do not want to be touched.

Many pet parents spend a lot of time figuring out how to calm down a reactive dog. so that their partner canine can spend time in the world without being overwhelmed by stimuli that make them nervous or anxious. If we join and try to engage with their dogs. It can bring them back to table one with their training.

Luckily, expert trainer Julianna DeWillems says there are ways you can safely interact with an anxious puppy you meet for the first time. As long as their owners are satisfied that their dogs are not so reactive that they might react immediately. aggressive towards you

In a video shared on Instagram, which you can see above, DeWillems talks about her favorite training technique when it comes to introducing people to dogs they’ve never met before. and why is it so important

“The thing about humans is that we tend to walk through signals,” DeWillems said. “Please don’t do it” of dogs. even with the best intentions But this can also be scary and overwhelming for many dogs. Informed consent test A simple PET-PET-PAUSE can tell you a lot about If dogs enjoy interacting!”

DeWillems says PET-PET-PAUSE This is a very important concept if you are interacting with dogs who tend to be quite timid.

In the video, DeWillems highlights how this technique works by letting strangers interact with Chihuahuas who know how to be nervous around new people. If you watch closely You’ll see the person do what DeWillems calls the ‘consent test’ — a few strokes followed by a pause.


When the Chihuahua responds appropriately to the pause and tap of the person’s hand. Stroking will continue.

“Having a dog join or not interact with you can go a long way when gaining their trust,” DeWillems explains. “When you honor the “no,” the “yes” is even more powerful. climb adding a test PET-PET-PAUSE With the dogs you meet and even your own dog can be very valuable and important.”

Petting and then stopping gives the dog the opportunity to continue interacting or walk away. This will make sure you’re both safe and comfortable.

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