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Ameer, an expatriate, had always dreamed of building her own house in her hometown of Kuttipalam in Malappuram, Kerala. Now he is the proud owner of a gorgeous fusion house set on a 10-cent piece of land surrounded by the lush greenery of the countryside. The exteriors reflect the classical style of traditional architecture, while the interiors feature modern amenities.

The rustic charm of laterite stones is the most important feature of the height. The GI truss roof is laid with mud roof tiles. Interestingly, the roof designed in the style of the gable is quite eye-catching.

Designed as 2100 square meters, this magnificent residence includes a living area, living and dining areas, two bedrooms and a kitchen with an adjoining work area on the ground floor. Meanwhile, on the upper floor there are two more bedrooms, a large living room and a balcony.

Matt surface vitrified tiles are laid on the floor. Meanwhile, custom-made furniture pieces integrate with the overall theme of the house. Plywood and veneer flooring lend the interiors a sumptuous ambiance.

A wall in the formal living area is elevated with an attractive terracotta color. The TV unit is mounted here. Meanwhile, the washing area and the staircase are also arranged in the adjoining refectory.

Bedrooms are simple yet elegant. The bedrooms attached to the bathroom have built-in wardrobes for storage.

Kitchen cabinets are made of multi-wood veneer. By the way, the countertop is covered with granite. An interesting breakfast counter is also arranged as part of the kitchen.

The owner supervised the construction mostly through WhatsApp calls and messages. Also, his brother used to visit the site often to see that everything was done properly.

The construction of the house including the structure and furnishing can be completed with a pocket friendly budget of Rs 35 lakh. The budget was slightly overrun when the price of construction materials unexpectedly skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Exposed laterite stone exterior walls helped reduce plaster and paint costs. Moreover, this wall does not become dull or moldy even after years. Its rustic charm can be maintained for a long time. In addition, since the laterite stones do not absorb the heat, a cool and pleasant air is brought to the spaces.

Project Facts

Location – Kuttipalam, Malappuram

Land – 10 cents

Area – 2100 SFT

Owner – Command

Designer – Salim PM

AS Design Forum, Malappuram

Mafia – 6238803316

Completion year – July 2022

Pictures – Akhil Komachy

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