9 Vogue-approved interior design rules everyone should know

Buy the furniture that you will use, not the furniture that you think you are supposed to have

Always create spaces that suit your style In fact Live not the way you live in a fictionalized version of your life. This could mean that the rooms in your home are not serving a traditional purpose, which is much better than precious space wasted. Don’t feel obligated to create a guest bedroom and enjoy that no one will ever use when the thing you need most is a giant wardrobe full of shoe racks and hidden storage.”

Don’t be afraid to reimagine an existing piece

“Don’t always feel obligated to respect the color of a natural material, whether it’s a piece of furniture or lighting. Be brave and add new life to a piece by painting it a fun color or by accentuating small details in a softer tone.”

Sandrine Chang-Feron, Vinterior Foundation

There’s no reason wood furniture has to “match” it

“A mixture of wood tones can look great if you make sure the pieces clash enough to create an eclectic feel. For example, a 1920s oak back chair could look right at home next to a teak dining table in Mid-Century As long as both pieces are of high quality, the other elements that tie the Pierre Paulin sofas around the space together.”

Forget about trends – especially when it comes to big purchases

“Many of us have these wonderful Pierre Paulin sofas on our mood boards, but you live in a house, not in a showroom. I bought one, and a sofa now only pleases my eyes; my back, my legs, and the rest all despise it. It’s worth compromising on aesthetics to have.” Something you’re keen to sit on.”

Laura Jackson, founder of Glassette

Choose pieces from different design eras

“There’s no reason to stick to a certain ‘interior design’ era when decorating. I’ve always been a fan of mixing and matching; my house is full of ’60s, ’80s, and contemporary pieces. In general, I think taste is always subjective. There are no hard and fast rules—other than decorating your home with what will bring You happiness every day.”

Small rooms It can benefit from maximum decoration

“The ultimate touch has the power to give smaller rooms a mysterious and sexy vibe. A heavily printed wallpaper can make a bathroom look like a treasure chest, while high-gloss chocolate brown walls in the bedroom evoke the decadent spirit of 1970s interiors.” Shimmering fabrics, mirrors, and accent pieces are a great way to add some light, too.”

Look beyond traditional talents and purposes

“Think outside the box when decorating countertops and walls. Quirky things can spark conversation. One of our most iconic designs is the Aquasantiera, a sacred water font like those found in churches.”

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