9 pastel wall color ideas to brighten up your home

Pastels offer a happy medium between pure white and full color. These pale tones offer just a hint of color and bring depth and personality to your walls without getting too bold. Where deep, saturated hues may feel too overwhelming, pastels provide softness and subtlety. They are especially popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, where the intended atmosphere is typically one of calm and relaxation, but pastel colors can work anywhere in the home.

In any room, pastel wall colors are a cheerful alternative to base neutrals that offer similar brightness and versatility. Lean into their soothing qualities with a palette of soft tones, or combine delicate pastels with more intense hues for a colourful, high-contrast look. Let these pastel rooms inspire you to look at the lighter side of the paint swatch.

Jay Wilde

1. Lavender Dining Room

Lavender walls bring an unexpected splash of color to this dining room. While a cooler hue might clash, the warm pastel wall color complements the red undertones of the wood floors nicely. Black appears on the doors, trim and picture frames to add a modern touch to the soft palette.

Suggested Paint Color: Inspired Lilac SW 6820, Sherwin-Williams

Joyelle West

2. Pink Pastel Office

This home office exudes a warm glow thanks to the blush pink walls. The pastel paint pairs with crisp white on the ceiling and trim to brighten and visually expand the low-ceilinged space. Black and gold accents juxtapose the pink to create a polished, feminine look.

Suggested Paint Color: Warm blush 892, Benjamin Moore

John Bessler

3. Mint green bathroom

Pastel wall colors feel particularly calm in bathrooms. This spa-like bathroom uses mint green walls for a subtle dose of color amid all-white surfaces. The simple palette relaxes the eye for a soothing effect. Polished nickel fixtures and a crystal chandelier bring shine and a sense of luxury to the space.

Suggested Paint Color: Icy Mint 6001-7A, Valspar

Jay Wilde

4. Pastel colored bedroom walls

Although rendered in a much lighter shade, the walls in this bedroom reflect the rich indigo color of the bed. The effect is a soothing, monochromatic schedule that promotes rest and relaxation. To recreate this look, find a paint strip that matches your inspiration color, then choose one of the lighter shades for your wall color.

Suggested Paint Color: Courtesy of S560-1, Behr

Adam Albright

5. Pastel pink bathroom

Pastel pink walls harmonize with the vintage-style fixtures in this bathroom. To offset the sweetness, black adds punch to the framed mirrors and tile floor, which features a striking checkered pattern. A mix of polished nickel and brass hardware enhances the timeless look.

Suggested Paint Color: Ballerina PPG1183-1, PPG

Edmund Barr

6. Pastel teal living room

A pale shade of blue-green creates a light and airy feel in this living room. The wall color repeats on furniture and accessories throughout the space to create a calm look. Breaking up the cool tones, bright coral-accented throw pillows introduce a pop of color that keeps the scheme from feeling stale.

Suggested Paint Color: Farraway Blue SW 7133, Sherwin-Williams

David ALand

7. Pastel purple living room

Using bold accent colors prevents pastel palettes from looking too sweet. In this colorful living room, hits of hot pink, yellow and orange serve as energetic complements to the pastel purple walls. The large painting above the cabinet connects the different vibrant colors.

Suggested Paint Color: French lilac 1403, Benjamin Moore

James Solomon

8. Pastel yellow bathroom

Butter yellow walls give this bathroom a cheerful character. The pastel paint color, which appears only on the strip of wall above the plank-and-batten panels, is a toned-down version of the bright yellow floor tiles. Elsewhere, warm white is used for a bright, balanced look.

Suggested Paint Color: Firefly P310-3, Behr

Matthew Williams

9. Peach Pastel Bedroom

Just a step away from beige, pale peach wall paint gives this bedroom a warm, cozy feel. It is used as an accent next to a warm gray paint color, covering the rest of the walls. The soft, earthy tones offer a subtle contrast creating a calming combination and helping to make this small bedroom feel more spacious.

Suggested Paint Color: Inner Peach 1150, Benjamin Moore

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