8 ways to use Google Home in the bedroom

Google Home can do a lot of things around the house for you, from guiding you through recipes in the kitchen to acting as your translator for guests in the living room. If there’s one room where this smart speaker is most useful, it’s definitely the bedroom.

Here are some great ways to use Google Home or Google Nest right from your bed.

1. Create an alarm

Setting an alarm is one of the most obvious and practical uses for a Google Home or Nest speaker in the bedroom. With this feature, you won’t have to fumble around on your phone just to create an alarm. Just say, “Hey Google, wake me up at 5am on Tuesday” or “Hey Google, set an alarm for one hour.”

You can also change your alarm sound to a cartoon character or your favorite song. Other useful things to know about Google Home alarms is that you can cancel, snooze and check them and change the volume and time of the alarm whenever you want.

2. Listen to audiobooks

Unfortunately, Audible isn’t native to Google Home, so you won’t be able to command your speaker to play an audiobook while you drift off to sleep. However, the good news is that there is a workaround you can do, thanks to the power of streaming.

Simply stream audio from your Android device to your speaker, then choose which audiobook to play from your Audible app. Google Home will act as a regular speaker in this case.

3. Play ambient sounds

Google Home’s ambient noise feature is a boon for people who like to work and sleep with soothing noise in the background. It comes with 14 different sound effects, including forest, fireplace, river, and thunderstorm sounds.

To turn this feature on, tell Google Home to help you relax. It will then play a random sound from the 14 built-in effects. If you like to use a particular sound, just say “OK Google, play nature sounds”.

Please note that ambient noise will play for 12 hours non-stop. So if you want to turn it off automatically, add a certain amount of time to the end of your command (eg “Hey Google, play water sounds for 30 minutes”).

4. Find your phone

Is your room so messy that you often lose your phone? Or maybe you just had a long day and can’t remember where you put your phone after you got home?

Don’t worry, Google Home can help you locate your missing device in seconds. Say, “OK Google, find my phone.” If your device is within hearing range, you can immediately notice its ringing sound.

However, there are some caveats about this feature. The phone itself must be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data for Google to find it.

5. Play games

There are tons of Google Home commands for minigames that you can use to entertain yourself, especially when you’re having friends over for a sleepover. You have Song Quiz, Trivia Crack, Mad Libs, Crystal Ball, Party Card Game, Would You Rather and even Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

If you find them too childish, you can always have a conversation with Google Home and ask it silly questions like:

  • Where is Waldo?
  • can you rap
  • Do you speak Morse code?

6. Control your smart devices

Have you ever experienced a moment when you are already comfortably lying in your bed and then you realize that you forgot to turn off the lights? It happens more often than you think, and you are left with the difficult decision of whether to sleep with the lights on or get up to turn them off.

Lucky for you, you won’t have to choose either. Just tell Google Home to turn off the lights, it’s that easy.

In the morning, Google Home can also help you turn on the coffee machine and toaster as you get ready for work.

7. Set a timer

If you’re an avid user of the Pomodoro technique to be more productive, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an easy way to practice this without having to manually set a timer or download a Pomodoro app.

You can simply tell your Google Home to set a timer for 25 minutes, or however long you prefer. It will automatically ring after the set time and you can create another timer for your five minute break.

This is more efficient than having to check your phone and being tempted to scroll through TikTok.

8. Relax with some music

There is nothing better than relaxing in your bed after a long day at work while your favorite songs fill the room. That’s exactly one of the most basic uses of Google Home.

You can have fun in your room anytime just by saying, “Hey Google, play the latest Olivia Rodrigo album.” It will then retrieve the songs from the music service you have previously connected (eg Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music).

Playing music from your Google Home speaker also works great when you want to listen to some sounds in the background while you finish that report or fall asleep.

9. Get insights into your day

The functionalities of Google Home go far beyond being an alarm clock and a timer. It can also serve as your personal assistant. Just by saying “OK Google, tell me how my day was,” Google Home will tell you about the weather, your calendar’s time for the day, reminders, upcoming birthdays, if your phone’s battery is low, and some of the last News. news.

This is the default sequence of actions, but you can easily customize it in the routine settings of the Google Home app (for Android or iOS). You can add an action to adjust the lights or thermostat, send a text message, or make an announcement.

10. Create reminders

If you’re someone who forgets things easily but hates having a bunch of sticky notes on your bedroom desk, let Google Home be your second brain. You can tell him important things like where you hid the key to the safe or what the name of your new neighbor is. Just say, “OK Google, remember (important stuff).”

When you need this information, just ask your speaker, “Ok Google, where did I put the key to the safe?” This way, you won’t forget anything ever again.

Make your bedroom smarter with Google Home

This list is not exhaustive and you can use Google Home in your bedroom as you see fit. me

In fact, there are plenty of other things this smart speaker can do. Have fun discovering them for yourself.

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