7 Wet Bar Ideas

As if we needed another excuse to spend more time in the comfort of our homes, making space for an indoor bar seems to be a growing trend. no wonder! After all, a home bar comes with some serious perks—the motivation to skip the crowds, ride-sharing fees, and relax on the couch.

One accessible home bar trend is wet bar, which is a clever way to take advantage of small spaces by turning them into a fully functional bar, complete with a sink, plenty of storage, and space for style touches. Check out these 7 inspiring wet bars to get your wheels spinning!

7 home bars that will make you never want to leave

Patterns + Accents

Combining bold patterns with bright accents might be one of the hottest home bar trends this season. After all, dedicating space for a formal “cocktail area” in the house calls for us to put our creative juices to the test. In particular, this gorgeous space from Nashville-based interior designer Jessica Marros features a very cool wall covering that highlights the hunter green cabinetry and gold trim.

Bold prints line the side of deep green cabinetry in this ribbon from Maros Designs. Pictured: Justin Marsh

contemporary chic

There’s something particularly attractive about open shelves with pretty little vignettes, especially when they’re perched against a patterned background. Whether you accomplish the look with subway tile, beadboard, or wallpaper, the effect is eye-catching—especially when you mix things with varying heights, textures, and pops. This Nashville home wet bar, done by designer Beth Haley, is an excellent example of how carefully selected pieces in a home bar accentuate and offset a beautiful backsplash. Adding fresh greenery is the perfect finishing touch!

White tile backsplash and open shelving in the home bar area.

Greenery and art pieces stand out against the backsplashes in this Beth Haley design. Photo: Red Brown

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Old world charm

mad men It may be credited with the initial return of the personal bar setting, but the trend is still gaining momentum, with reimagined versions of the classics popping up left and right. a mad menA style bar usually includes a vintage piece of furniture filled with everything you need to make the perfect vintage, while the newer iteration is a more direct and upscale affair that hints at Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn’s star-studded charm. This stunning from Julie Couch Interiors is a stark example, featuring antique mirror tiles, open shelves to display a full range of glassware, dark counters, and a hydrangea vase for an array of colors.

Reflective Tile in a Home Stripe by Julie Couch

A blend of subtle modernity and minimalism makes a beautiful combination in this home bar from Julie Couch Interiors. Photo: Caroline Allison

rustic charm

Game rooms are the perfect space to host a bar at home – a place where friends and family gather for fun, laughter, and of course cocktails. This rustic wet bar is located in the home of Nashville interior designer Mark Simmons, which was designed by Mark himself and beautifully designed by Lone Oak Builders. Lighting plays a vital role in the setting, with interior fixtures displaying a triptych by local artist Roger Del Brown. Mark is particularly fond of the bar’s pull-out cabinet doors, which allow him to display his glassware collection or close the doors when the bar is not in use.

Open bar cabinet displaying glassware and thirds

One of designer Mark Simmons’ favorite home bar details are the triple panels above the open shelving. The artwork also drew inspiration from the cabinet’s interior, a beautiful, deep blue that highlights the cabinetry from Lone Oak Builders. Photo: Caroline Charbnack

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color leak

Color, color and more colors! Modern interior design trends include everything from bright jewel tones to elegant pastel colors, and we’re here for it. Infusing a dose of rich color into your space — whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom — can brighten it up and add instant character. In this case, a former galley kitchen designed by Van Pond Architect offers plenty of cabinet space to store heirloom crystals, antique ice buckets, and sophisticated bourbons, while floating shelves hold everyday glassware.

A nautical butler's pantry in a Cherokee Park home

This marine butler’s pantry from Van Pond Architect features gold accents and floating glass shelves. Not only is it an entertainment center, it is a favorite place to relax and have craft cocktails. Photo: Chad Driver Productions Driver.

classically repeated

Mixed metals can add just the right amount of vintage-meets-modern feel to your home bar. This example from Lisa Mallory Interior Design in Memphis features a bar built into a closet. A mix of metal framed by custom gray cabinetry delivers a timeless, luxurious look that commands attention – from silver ice buckets and brass mule cups to gold faucet hardware.

Home bar designed by Lisa Mallory

Mixed metals make this ribbon from Lisa Mallory elegant and captivating. Photo: Sélavie Photography

elegant + simple

Sometimes simplicity is the key to an attention-grabbing space. This two-story home in Nashville’s Green Hills recently underwent a renovation from Van Mol Restoration, and the former butler’s pantry became the perfect location for a wet bar adjacent to the kitchen. Although it’s a relatively small space, it’s large enough to house a sink, wine fridge, custom cabinets, and shelves for various high-end bottles. Clean lines and subtle color scheme create a quiet zone to shake, stir, and sip.

A wet bar filled with bourbon on floating shelves.

Thanks to Van Mol Restoration, wood floating shelves showcase the bourbon collection and pick up the slick of freshly refinished oak floors. Photo: Mary Craven Photography

We hope this inspires you to see amazing wet tape in your home!


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